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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey, Heath! What do you think of GFU, Gajonka Film Universe?

We go to Ledger, who is the only man living (at the time) who was able to de-throne Best Living Actor Ever Champ, Christopher Walken, albeit for a brief time at least.  He was able to do it with lines like this one, one of many in BB, but this one is the most powerful... and one of the greatest of all time.

Jack Twist:  "Friend, that's the most words you've said in two weeks!"

Ennis DelMar (HL):  "Hm, that's the most I've said in a year."

Friday, February 19, 2010

BREAKER *** BREAKER *** The Color Of Money Cracks Top 15!

Yes, well it happens folks.  Rare, indeed, but it DOES happen.  Like I said, the top 15 is constantly floating, adjusting, suspended in space yet mobile.  I've just received word that The Color of Money, which features one of the greatest performances ever by an actor, Paul Newman, yes, The Color Of Money has cracked the TOP 15.  This is news baby!

The Color Of Money rolls and advances into the #15 slot.  Bloodsport slides back to #16, and Last Of The Mohicans edges up to #14.  If you haven't seen the film, Newman is lights out - the man is a fucking GOD.  Cruise is annoying, yes, but shit doesn't stick to gold my loyal readers.

Rock N Roll.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review: Inglorious Basterds: 7.14 Great job by Chris Waltz

Without Chris Waltz this film has only one good scene.  The basement scene with the SS Major sitting in the back room is one of the greatest in a long time.  Outside of Waltz's scenes, and this one, the film is pretty pathetic.

The soundtrack is nice.  The film work and camera angles by Tarantino are very good.  In this film they kill Hitler... great, oh yeah, that's right, it's fake.

Pathetic voices of Keitel and Jackson as voice cameo's is such a BS homage to nothing.  Pitt's character was just stupid - ugh, I mean, I thought he was getitng better, now he seems to have peaked, or maybe crapped out is a better way of placing it.

Mike Myers cameo was too short.  He is great as a serious actor (see Sudio 54 (1998) - he played Steve Rubell and should have been nominated for best supporting actor).

Aways nice to see a film that includes a very popular Barry Lyndon line: "MAY I SEE YOUR PAPERS?"

All in all, this film is overhyped, and Waltz was great, but I'm not sure who he's up against in the supporting actor category - but it is not a guaranteed win for him.  Only Ledger was able to secure that type of situation - with his ability.

And don't fret about Pitt, he will get his Oscar at the end of his life.  Just like they did for Paul Newman.  But, in Pitt's case, they didn't fuck up.

Film gets above the seven level for that basement scene, Waltz, the opening scene, and some refreshing filmwork by Tarantino (see camera movement during milk and pipe cabin scene.)

Could win best picture, but if it does, we will know there is a problem.

Click here to see Barry Lyndon video of the scene I detail above.  Watch til the end - 9 minute running time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's Quote... Better Off Dead (1985).

Roy Stalin: You'd make a fine little helper. What's your name?

Charles De Mar: Charles De Mar.

Roy Stalin: Shut up, geek.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday - Book of the Year 2009 announced.

Well, it was a light year - no blockbuster reading I'll admit.  This became a race of B class books.  A Separate Peace, yes that book from high school came out strong in the final tally, but fell short.  Stephen King's The Long Walk also impressed, but couldn't seal the deal.

Here are the results of the 2009 Book Of The Year Award.

Runner Up:  The Ice Man - Hitman for hire, the Polock, incredible tales, even if him videotaping people getting eaten by rats is not your thing.  A great read, a good book.

Champion:  The Hitman - Bret Hart - For all the faults this book has, it still is valuable in that Hart has incredible stories to tell about what happened behind the scenes, the rise of wrestling, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and much more.  I still refer back to it to see some of his thoughts.  Good enough to take the title, and I recommend it.  But please, throw away the dust jacket because it is such a gay picture.

Incredible irony as you can tell this year.

So far Genghis Khan is setting a torride pace for 2010, which promises to be a killer year for lit, expecially if Medusa Coelenterate gets published.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Quote: HEAT

"I'm talking to an empty phone because there is a dead man at the end of this FUCKIN line." (click).

Neil McCully (DeNiro) Heat (1991)