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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This image is what hooked me into this series.  The gloves are off, no more fake t.v.v, no more fake movies, let's get real... and really fuc%$ing good at that.

Getting rid of Velcoro's mustache; one of the worst decisions made in film during 2015.  Whomever offered that suggestion should be fired.  Thank goodness the tape/voice recorder he uses to frighten the sh%^ out of his son nightly is firmly in place.

"It's been 66 days since the Vinci shot-out"

"These row houses are for municipal homes only, Ray. You've got 60 days to leave the apartment."\


I'm not sure where they are going with Frank - but if they are going to turn the Bad Lieutenant into a limey boy scout - then , well, perhaps I should not be so hard on the demon programming that is destroying the fabric of decency nationwide.  Even David Letterman, while interviewing Jennifer Gardner )oh my, she is just the cutest thing ever.  I knew something was up when I saw her doing the Capital One commercials in place of Alec Baldwin then Sam Jackson, as their contracts ran to an end). He eluded to the fact that even kids films do not end hay - but dark and sad, and dismal ominous and evil.  "Bittersweet" is the phrase Gardner used.

Franks is transforming into a one-of-a kind cop, who sees death all day, and knows doing drugs is not bad, compared to the crap he sees.  He drinks and drugs to medicate the loss of his semi-sexy wife and his son- I don't understand how a kid like that can give a man so much joy.  Especially, Ray, could be a character flaw- I don't think I have ever seen Ray smile when Chad is around.  The voice recorder gig and the fact he has begun to build model planes on his own , even when Chad leaves, is great, original real, funny as hell material.  This is a convincingly wise, seasoned, some will say burnt-out, but depressed character.  Now, let's unleash him on the world!  Episode 1 did this perfectly, and I gave Episode 1 a very high mark- something like 9.2874.  As we have advanced to Episode 5 - and I still see the blank, "I never smile- NEVER" look from Ray's ex - I get pissed. 
They obviously cheated, and took the easy way out - to jump 2+ months and make up new ideas permitting them to just fizzle other ones- any way they wish. the good 'ole days.
Plus, Franks does offer signs of slippage by asking Ray to come work for him.  At first, I thought it was a way to boos Ray's confidence in Frank, to make him even more committed , or to firm up any faltering commitment to his once wealthy, long time crime boss.  Boy was I wrong... why would Frank ruin a good thing like that - he has a cop , a guy on the inside - on HIS PAYROLL!  He can identofyfy raids, gain info on his competition, collect insider, material information... why flush that down the toilet?  MAKES ZERO SENSE - and it is weakness.  Confirms Frank is losing - well,, losing his fu%$ing mind, basically.


Rachel McAdam's proves she is one of the best actresses in the business- with this 12 second scene.
You will find that many past Oscar winners give their characters a unique feature, or tic, something they repeat again, and again.  In Training Day, Denzel said "My Man!"  Here, Ani Bezzerides has a certain facial expression she gets when she is drinking.  Her lips pucker inward, and she slowly clamps down on them.  We see it at the Casino, then again , briefly at the end fo the bar scene with her and Ray - THAT is good acting.

MORE... coming soon...