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Sunday, March 20, 2016

35 ... Tillikum... should be out there in the North Pac - Kicking Ass.The

The Big Man and a rare smile...

Not only was "Blackfish" [2014] Score: 8.9989 one of the highest scoring films at Gajonka Film Review in years, it introduced the world to someone special.

It is the advanced intelligence of whales that makes them different from every non-human mammal on earth...and in its waters.  All whales can be defined as basically humans assuming a completely separate vessel.  If they could only speak - the matter would be which language, and ho many... not a whistle and 3 second neutral response.

God bless Gabriela Cowperthwaite... who could be ( along 

with her team, and the masterminds of Samantha Berg, 

Dean  G ( Dorky), Jeff ventre, Dr. John Jett, Carol - all of them 


most definitely be the most intelligent, and impactful people o 

the decade.

Having seen the popular viceos of a gray whale mom letting 

her calf play with humans, it became instantly clear to me how the whale may be smarter than humans.

After learning about Tilikum' harrowing, heart-breaking story, the most disturbing part of it being how and why it took so long for anyone to tell it!!!!  Well, notwithstanding   , all of a sudden I ind this video on YT - it' Luna giving her riend an impressio off how the ourboard engine og his boat sounds!

Talk about amazing - have a look - the best part is at the end you get to seeher eye- just like a human - eye - looking right up at the camera!

Proof - these are humans in different vessels - which - sure is a poor way to describe the sitch, but it is the simplest way. Like Jeremy Irons sys in the great film "Margin Call" [2011'

"Explain it to me as if I were a golden retreiver..."

Then I red John Hargrove's book exposing Seworld ( I prefer to spell its name incorrectly, they do not deserve to have it spelled correctlt). Hargrove, like T. Hamilton does in "The Secret Race" his gossipy tale about his experiences making millions of dollars with the biggest and possibly bestliar in th worls, who has zro intellgecnce - I dont even think he finshied high school. Thank god for David Waksh 0 all you nneded to know is Lance had nothing to fall back on? What was " the kid w/ no bran gonna do" mow lawns? inomercials? So Hargrove gves a good insider account.

It is the size of the pools - the breeding o little babies - who prob have so much fun their first 3(max) to 5 (lot s less) onnly to achieve a heghtneed sense of awareness 0- where are we really?   This is reaaly how big all the water in the wrold is?

HIghly disrubing 0 I'd like to get you a litt;e info on some o the best fortmer trainrs, the ones who illusrtae for us verbally, a neffective way to vision what they are saying.  Here are the first two:

Samantha Berg:  Super hotty with beautiful brown eyes.  Samantha gives some of the best content in this film. ZShe makes it happen.  Without her, the score o the ilm drops a ffull 3 points. ( rom 8.9989 to 6.9989)

John Jett:  John, blunt, curt, and just says it like it is.  The way he exlained things, witha comletely dead pan way of expression -0 he jsut cracks me u.

Anyway, I am alling asleep - much to diocuss because Seaworld, out o nowhjere - has released a bizarre

So please, the msaage here tidat a bifucated ne:

1.  Watch buy rent BLACKFISH .  Act, send letters andtweets to sewrd- we want a Tilly Ca so see how thy are treating him.  IMO< they are infecting him because he has become too large, and difficlut to care for ( costly, the food, the space, the threat, everyting about Tilly is negative for seworld.  Now, with other males getting bigger - they can use them as subs or the big splashes at th end.

I really beleieve, no pun inteneded, that thsis is the case- rcall, seworld is a proit driven public company, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ok Falling asleep motre to come - this is only part 1.

- webmaster

Captured off the coast of Iceland, Tilly was a 2 year old pup whe they kidnapped him rom his family/  Now, with a pros and cons list comlied by appars nothing appears  forhem -on th $$$ ide o thingsd.. in their view... tilliku m is costing them money and a bad rap... so, in my opinion I think they may have infected the big man .. so sad.  If you own anny seworld stock in your portgolio - I advise you to sell it - if u have any decency or ethics.