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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Len - Steal My Sunshine

Monday, August 21, 2017

WoW!! Dick Gregory for The Solar Eclipse...Illuminati Sacrifice! Wow!~!!!!!!!!!!

August 21, 2017, 8.21.2017, Solar Eclipse Needs a Big Blood Sacrifice, according to lunar worship handbook

The man who most vocally called out the bizarre circumstances behind Prince's death has been identified as the illuminati's choice to celebrate this, today's rare full solar eclipse.

Very Funny Man
If you haven't viewed one of his interviews, please do yourself a favor.  Gregory was a brilliant mind- very funny.  His comments regarding 9/11 and other suspect events really became the voice for millions who struggled with accepting these apparent terms of reality.

We knew a big sacrifice would be needed to salute and celebrate this major day in the lunar worship cycle...a new moon, and a massive event like a solar eclipse.

Let's see who is next.  Law of three in play, plus I have a feeling Mr. G is not the end of the show.

Bless you Mr. G, and condolences to your family.  You were a unique talent.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Here's a Look at Zach Snyder's Justice League Before Warners Intervened: Terror, Steppenwolf, Death of Members, and The Turn of The Tide When you invest $400mm to earn $1 billion. Make Quality Content? Just Say Eff It We'll Make $800mm No Matter What It Looks Like.

Wolf Den

To begin, it is true this is a low risk investment.  The Justice League, with all of its members, will sell no matter what.  They could battle the care bears in Act 3 and still everyone's net worth doubles.

Snyder turned the film into a nightmarish horror-like series of events that consume 90% of the film.  With 5% dedicated to recruiting the members, and 3% allocated to the death of the Wolfman, Snyder presses the fu*k off button and gives the final 2% to Dark Seid.  He just doesn't show up and flash his red eyes, he terminates two league members before the "to be continued" title card hits.

After watching his raw 3 hour film, Warners knew it had to flick the switch and bury Snyder's terrorizing take of content sourced from material made for kids.

Snyder's long run face many roadblocks and interference from outside parties with vested interest.  How did he keep his train going?   Snyder's secret weapon: his brilliant ability to cast the best actors.  After Memoa was secured, Snyder knew he could let the Wolf run loose.

With such a monumental film, Snyder knew the villain must be special.  With his arrival we get 2 hours of glorious evil events symbolizing how material a villain we have.  These events would terrify audiences, as Wolf orders the wipe-out of all key locations in order to obtain the 4 boxes.  The parademons are scary, and they seed our females in order to build a good base.  Only a few petty attempts by country leaders[ including new weapons we never knew existed] occur, leaving the genocide and unstoppable force without fracture.

Then the team returns ( after a sloppy first attempt) and they BRING IT.  Wolf's demon remote is captured, leaving him alone against 5.  He activated Superman black, who he resurrected using the scout ship and his high level para-demons, and convinced that Batman let Lois die.  Superman freezes  Flash, leaving 4.  Quickly the league awaken Superman, and he takes on Steppenwolf 1 on 1.  A worthy fight includes intelligent deception by Wolf, who  uses kryptonite to sideline Superman.

Next, Green Lantern shows up and all of his absurd abilities join in with the 4 as they bring Wolf to his knee at one point, showing his age.  Superman is freed from the kryptonite force and now the team is just too stacked to fail.  They quickly take Wolf's electro Axe and  decapitate him for the kill.

Ahh, happiness!  We won!  The league read the new dialogue meant to lighten the film, jokes abound.  Earth ( half of which is raging fires and volcanos, with millions dead, possibly billions) is saved.  The team laugh as they take the Flying Fox's escalator up, Flash has been thaed out and he has a load of jokes.  It is happy go fun time.

Suddenly, [ like most films, to hide how bad it is they film all big scenes at night, Avengers 1 impressed with a day battle, rare) raging lighting rocks the Fox.  The sky opens up, and Steppenwolf's final battle move plays out.  The team run back down to see what's up.

A portal gaps open and down comes the giant, nasty looking DarkSeid.  The team stands stunned.

"You killed my brother, I see.   Say your goodbyes now," he says, unleashing his red eyes as omega beams  are unleashed.

Instantly, Aqua Man loses his left arm, Cyborg is split in half, left lifeless.

Green Lantern flies toward Darkseid after freeing himself from Superman who advised him to stay.

Dark Seid racks out a double load of omega beams and Green Lantern is burnt to a crisp, dead.

Flash, Bat, Super and WW look at each other as DarkSeid's next wave blows up the Fox.
"Flash man, time to die," Darkseid adds, his eyes beaming bright red.

Flash zips toward him and makes him trip.  Shocked to see DarkSeid down, and waiting tosee his friends backhim up, Flash stalls.  Darkseid unleashes his omega beams and Flash takes them in, flashing out at the same time.  Flying blood drops are all that is left.

The camera slowly rolls out to a longshot as we see Aqua man struggling on the ground, bleeding, a small green pile of Lantern's ashes, and the 4 as they seem so small compared to DarkSeid, who tells them he wants to have some fun, and runs after them.

Long shot continues showing Chernobyl, Russiua, Eastern Hemisphere (whats left of it) , Western hemisphere, earth, looking like Saturn moon io.

Title Card, to be continued.

End of Film.

Well, this was  just too terrifying for Warners, who knew they needed to bring in Whedon and have him shoot a new movie.

It's too bad, I would have liked to see a villain with experience, great dialogue, and a system of conquering that is unstoppable.

Sadly, most of the dark , sure to give you nightmare scenes will ber deleted, and we may never see them.   Unless we get a Donner cut like release in 20 years.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Gets support from Ny state and those who feel WB should not let popcorn sales arrive between a masterful  work of art... or a cartoon.

Whedon has also signed on to ddireect re-shoot and d-scarify that too.  In fact, Myers is not even in the movie.  LGF liked it ya know because wht he did with Avengers,.

ARe we goong to let this loser make the rest of all films?

The timing of young Snyder-  and what we see here....  someone interceded,.

24 hr news cycle - yeah, nice attempt to pretend the industry may be the mostunfortunate area one can be.

We now return to the news... again...and it is still in progress.  We are almost at hour 2  with three (mike cut by prodcuer)

This a major moemt in time when we can learn more about the truth not the fuc*ing lies.

There hasn't BEEN ONE PUBLISHed OVER THE PAST 10 HOURS THAT HAS NOT REPEATED THE SAM E - zero value garbage.  80% of all sites that can use this rare, public shit flying a;l over the placw mess.

I am going to check slash film- if thye have published on the never seen before type climax , worth producing and sharing, then slashh fim must fire half of all staff.  Any site that has an editor who thinkns this news is worth more than a giant shit metor ihitting him but boucin\g nad keepiinghom close with gravity as he fries form the acid.

WHO GIVEA A SHIT IF HANDSWAS TGHERETO JUST shake hands withe everryone on all thier money and checks due.

WB is paying off silence -let's take alook at who is the new number 1.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Steppenwolf, Justice League Too Scary, Frighteing, Horrifying...80% Fear...5% Fun

We finally get a scary villain...

Now, he probably gets stripped of all his edge and hi scenes walking the new planet he will crush like the 237 before.

When he speaks, it is with certainty.

Lantern...kinda kiddie.

Alien Covenant:  They should have landed on three unique planets and encountered new and fresh experiences across all three.  Who is the dipsh** writer who has Oren say ...immeiatelt after getingthroat raped by a ravenous acid planter...after he finds David to be tossing rocks at his face. What would you have him say?

"David...what do you believe in/"


Listen, Txfomrers failed, Apes failed, Spdey failed and Alein failed.

Each of the above films failed because the work invested in building a worthy piece of art SUCKED.

My Theory : Joss Whedon, Zach Snyder, Warners, DC and the Justice League Massacre

Clearly,  Steppenwolf represents themost fomidable villain we have ever seen across film- super-hero, comic, or other.

Look atX Men- see what they didwith Isaac as Apocalypse?  "Bringit all down and we will build another!"

His forces plant their para-demon seed into females and this is to spread their kind.

Steppenwolf spells it out:  There are no protectors here.  No Lanterns.  No...Kryptonian.  This world will fall...just like the others.  This is brilliant, matter-of-fact dialogue.

Audiences can't handle too much horror... so Whedon was brought in to PG the thing, kill off Steppenwolf, and sell more toys.

Friday, August 11, 2017


"Hey!  Let's get Steve Buscemi and John Goodman and Will Smith and this one and that one and lets have them talk normal...they can be transformers..."

Look, Welker voiced 7 of the 13 original decepticons...he TRIED and SUCCEEDED at what are suppossed to be ROBOTS IN DISGUISE voices!!!!!!!

Chris Latta as CC/Starscream, and

Peter Cullen.

You don't say hey, let's cut a checkto steve buscemi and have him just TALK.

What a joke.