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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Steppenwolf, Justice League Too Scary, Frighteing, Horrifying...80% Fear...5% Fun

We finally get a scary villain...

Now, he probably gets stripped of all his edge and hi scenes walking the new planet he will crush like the 237 before.

When he speaks, it is with certainty.

Lantern...kinda kiddie.

Alien Covenant:  They should have landed on three unique planets and encountered new and fresh experiences across all three.  Who is the dipsh** writer who has Oren say ...immeiatelt after getingthroat raped by a ravenous acid planter...after he finds David to be tossing rocks at his face. What would you have him say?

"David...what do you believe in/"


Listen, Txfomrers failed, Apes failed, Spdey failed and Alein failed.

Each of the above films failed because the work invested in building a worthy piece of art SUCKED.

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