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Monday, March 27, 2017

OVER THE TOP - Sylvester Stallone - best scene

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yes, Dan Gilroy is a loud talking , rambling ego maniac but he brought us one of Bill Paxtons's best two Scenes in Cinema. Illuminati? Hmmmm

Who can forget the funniest part of Weird it was not Downey Junior kids, it was Wyatt's creepy big bro CHET!!!

But - yes, Paxton did the Twister thing - but I am glad Gilroy ( the nut talks 20 decibals higher than any human and the fact he is married to Rene Russo apparently gives him the right to sound like a compete fool...)but he captured the great stretcher shot - Paxton down after a dark turn in the film NIghtcrawler.

He was great...

" I'm Bangin!!!!!!!!!!!"


Loved you man.  Will miss you - the entire gajonka film universe mourns for a masterful character actor who showed how bright his light was in the Nightcrawler role.

BANGIN!  I'm Bangin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!