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Friday, August 18, 2017

Here's a Look at Zach Snyder's Justice League Before Warners Intervened: Terror, Steppenwolf, Death of Members, and The Turn of The Tide When you invest $400mm to earn $1 billion. Make Quality Content? Just Say Eff It We'll Make $800mm No Matter What It Looks Like.

Wolf Den

To begin, it is true this is a low risk investment.  The Justice League, with all of its members, will sell no matter what.  They could battle the care bears in Act 3 and still everyone's net worth doubles.

Snyder turned the film into a nightmarish horror-like series of events that consume 90% of the film.  With 5% dedicated to recruiting the members, and 3% allocated to the death of the Wolfman, Snyder presses the fu*k off button and gives the final 2% to Dark Seid.  He just doesn't show up and flash his red eyes, he terminates two league members before the "to be continued" title card hits.

After watching his raw 3 hour film, Warners knew it had to flick the switch and bury Snyder's terrorizing take of content sourced from material made for kids.

Snyder's long run face many roadblocks and interference from outside parties with vested interest.  How did he keep his train going?   Snyder's secret weapon: his brilliant ability to cast the best actors.  After Memoa was secured, Snyder knew he could let the Wolf run loose.

With such a monumental film, Snyder knew the villain must be special.  With his arrival we get 2 hours of glorious evil events symbolizing how material a villain we have.  These events would terrify audiences, as Wolf orders the wipe-out of all key locations in order to obtain the 4 boxes.  The parademons are scary, and they seed our females in order to build a good base.  Only a few petty attempts by country leaders[ including new weapons we never knew existed] occur, leaving the genocide and unstoppable force without fracture.

Then the team returns ( after a sloppy first attempt) and they BRING IT.  Wolf's demon remote is captured, leaving him alone against 5.  He activated Superman black, who he resurrected and convinced that Batman let Lois die.  Superman freezes  Flash, leaving 4.  Quickly the league awaken Superman, and he takes on Steppenwolf 1 on 1.  A worthy fight includes intelligent deception by Wolf, who  uses kryptonite to sideline Superman.

Next, Green Lantern shows up and all of his absurd abilties join in with the 4 as they bring Wolf to his knee at one pint, showing his age.  Superman is freed from the kryptonite force and now the team is just too stacked to fail.  They quickly take Wolf's electro Axe and  decapitate him for the kill.

Ahh, happiness!  We won!  The league read the new dialogue meant to lighten the film, jokes abound.  Earth ( half of which is raging fires and volcanos, with millions dead, possibly billions) is saved.  The team laugh as they take the Flying Fox's escalator up, Flash has been thaed out and he has a load of jokes.  It is happy go fun time.

Suddenly, [ like most films, to hide how bad it is they film all big scenes at night, Avengers 1 ipressed with a day battle, rare) raging lighting rocks the Fox.  The sky opens up, and Steppenwolf's final battle move plays out.  The team run back down to see what's up.  

A portal gaps open and down comes the giant, nasty looking DarkSeid.  The team stands stunned.

"You killed my brother, I see.   Say your goodbyes now," he says, unleashing his red eyes as omega beams  are unleashed.

Instantly, Aqua Man loses his left arm, Cyborg is split in half, left lifeless.

Green Lantern flies toward Darkseid after freeing himself from Superman who advised him to stay.

Dark Seid racks out a double load of omega beams and Green Lantern is burnt to a crisp, dead.

Flash, Bat, Super and WW look at each other as DarkSeid's next wave blows up the Fox.

The camera slowly rolls out to a longshot as we see Aqua man struggling on the ground, bleeding, a small green pile of Lantern's ashes, and the 4 as they seem so small compared to DarkSeid, who tells them he wants to have some fun, and runs after them.

Long shot continues showing Chernobyl, Russiua, Eastern Hemisphere (whats left of it) , Western hemisphere, earth, looking like Saturn moon io.

Title Card, to be continued.

End of Film.

Well, this was  just too terrifying for Warners, who knew they needed to bring in Whedon and have him shoot a new movie.

It's too bad, I would have liked to see a villain with experience, great dialogue, and a system of conquering that is unstoppable.

Sadly, most of the dark , sure to give you nightmare scenes will ber deleted, and we may never see them.   Unless we get a Donner cut like release in 20 years.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Gets support from Ny state and those who feel WB should not let popcorn sales arrive between a masterful  work of art... or a cartoon.

Whedon has also signed on to ddireect re-shoot and d-scarify that too.  In fact, Myers is not even in the movie.  LGF liked it ya know because wht he did with Avengers,.

ARe we goong to let this loser make the rest of all films?

The timing of young Snyder-  and what we see here....  someone interceded,.

24 hr news cycle - yeah, nice attempt to pretend the industry may be the mostunfortunate area one can be.

We now return to the news... again...and it is still in progress.  We are almost at hour 2  with three (mike cut by prodcuer)

This a major moemt in time when we can learn more about the truth not the fuc*ing lies.

There hasn't BEEN ONE PUBLISHed OVER THE PAST 10 HOURS THAT HAS NOT REPEATED THE SAM E - zero value garbage.  80% of all sites that can use this rare, public shit flying a;l over the placw mess.

I am going to check slash film- if thye have published on the never seen before type climax , worth producing and sharing, then slashh fim must fire half of all staff.  Any site that has an editor who thinkns this news is worth more than a giant shit metor ihitting him but boucin\g nad keepiinghom close with gravity as he fries form the acid.

WHO GIVEA A SHIT IF HANDSWAS TGHERETO JUST shake hands withe everryone on all thier money and checks due.

WB is paying off silence -let's take alook at who is the new number 1.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Steppenwolf, Justice League Too Scary, Frighteing, Horrifying...80% Fear...5% Fun

We finally get a scary villain...

Now, he probably gets stripped of all his edge and hi scenes walking the new planet he will crush like the 237 before.

When he speaks, it is with certainty.

Lantern...kinda kiddie.

Alien Covenant:  They should have landed on three unique planets and encountered new and fresh experiences across all three.  Who is the dipsh** writer who has Oren say ...immeiatelt after getingthroat raped by a ravenous acid planter...after he finds David to be tossing rocks at his face. What would you have him say?

"David...what do you believe in/"


Listen, Txfomrers failed, Apes failed, Spdey failed and Alein failed.

Each of the above films failed because the work invested in building a worthy piece of art SUCKED.

My Theory : Joss Whedon, Zach Snyder, Warners, DC and the Justice League Massacre

Clearly,  Steppenwolf represents themost fomidable villain we have ever seen across film- super-hero, comic, or other.

Look atX Men- see what they didwith Isaac as Apocalypse?  "Bringit all down and we will build another!"

His forces plant their para-demon seed into females and this is to spread their kind.

Steppenwolf spells it out:  There are no protectors here.  No Lanterns.  No...Kryptonian.  This world will fall...just like the others.  This is brilliant, matter-of-fact dialogue.

Audiences can't handle too much horror... so Whedon was brought in to PG the thing, kill off Steppenwolf, and sell more toys.

Friday, August 11, 2017


"Hey!  Let's get Steve Buscemi and John Goodman and Will Smith and this one and that one and lets have them talk normal...they can be transformers..."

Look, Welker voiced 7 of the 13 original decepticons...he TRIED and SUCCEEDED at what are suppossed to be ROBOTS IN DISGUISE voices!!!!!!!

Chris Latta as CC/Starscream, and

Peter Cullen.

You don't say hey, let's cut a checkto steve buscemi and have him just TALK.

What a joke.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Chris Cornell = Master Lyricist currently NOT in the songwriter's HOF! Here's Led Zepp playing the last song Chris sang.

Chris  Cornell's last vocal was "In My Time Od Dying." Here is... Zeppelin doing it at their last reunion for Atlantic Records.  Page is ON!!!!!!!!!!  Click link below- I teed it up////set up at the start of the song.

[Saturn now!] June 15, 2017 0:53 A.M. THE OPPOSITION OF SATURN! JUNE 15! This is when Earth , the Sun and Saturn align together perfectly.

Saturn - June 15, 2017 [ITALY] More Views From The OPPOSITION!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A look at my 2014 DEEP post on Saturn, the Cassini kamikaze mission...and what i refer to as proj lucy


The Cassini mission is to last 11 years.  This robotic spacecraft is powered by sufficient plutonium to do some major damage. According to numerology, 11 is the elite number,,, playing second fiddle to only one number... 1111.

Entry Saturnalia:  June 2004
Mission Sacrifice Date: July 2015

Start of mission
Launch dateOctober 15, 1997, 08:43:00 UTC
Alternative Mission Timing - This information is extremely sensitive,,, as it will represent an important date... most optimally to coincide with either an equinox, and eclipse, a full moon, or a blood moon.
Mission durationElapsed:
17 years and 28 days from launch
10 years and 28 days at Saturn

En route: 7 years
Primary mission: 4 years
Extended missions:
 Equinox: 2 years
 Solstice: 3 years elapsed
Expected end of life: 2017

Important fact - Galileo detonated 47 lbs of plutonium ["pluto"] 238.Cassini is carrying 73 lbsof pluto, with 15% of it Pluto 239- the nuke pluto.  This is not good.  Almost double the payloader - with spiked plutonium... wtf?!  They state that pluto has become almost impossible to find,a scarece resource.  The more we advance, the more sinister this becomes. Let's see some of the images Cassini is capturing.

So we have one year left of surveillance.  Cassini takes pics of not only Saturn , but of its many moons.  Here's a look at some of her work:

TITAN- This is the moon that most accurately correlates to Earth.  Plan Saturn Vorsix involves detonating the Cassini Orbiter into Saturn, which will create enough heat to thaw TITAN, making it inhabitable.

Let's have a look at the landscape of the Cassini orbiter's project:

This slide show offers multiple images of the area... this scared area worshipped by satan's followers??

As we can see, of the 31 moons Saturn has in tow, Titan is the biggest ( top image shows relative size, where the bottom pic shows exact location from the great planet).  In addition, and this yields an acceptable level of credence to the Vorsix plan, Titan is safely located the furthest away from the planet... a safe distance.  Interesting to note - along with Titan and Pheobe, Iapetus is also located furthest away - and this moon exhibits unusual traits - characteristics that lend itself to possibly being a space station since it has a wall as its equator, and it appears to have the exact features of....the death star.

Let's move on...

Close-up image of Rhea's surface
[Click to zoom in, and resume slide show]

If we were to advance toward Saturn, Rhea is the next moon furthest from the most distant set of moons described above. (Titan, Hyperion, Iapteus, Pheobe; Micke Rourke's  character in "The Immortals" is King Hyperion.  Everything about Saturn is worshipped by the elite in hwood)

Project Lucifer is the plan to explode a planet and create a star,,, one with enough power to give us sun...a second sun.  24 hours of sun!!!

After Tethys, the next planet inward is Enceladus, shown here close-up, courtesy of Cassini.

PROJECT LUCIFER was first attempted with Jupiter when they tried to explode its own orbiter, Galileo, also equipped with plutonium, into the Jovia system in 2003.  After its 14 year mission, the plutonium loaded space craft was sent crashing into Jupiter but, as it played out, there had been insufficient plutonium on board to get the job done.

The small circle on the left are Prometheus and Pan.  Interesting named moons!

The official statement - as to why they needed to send Galileo on a kamikaze mission was given as follows: "In order to avoid a collision with Jupiter's moon, Europa, the orbiter was directed into Jupiter for disintegration.  Europa is mostly frozen, and there may be life on it."

This is an amazing theory.  Do you think the same line of BULLSHIT (thought) will be used when it comes time to kamikaze Cassini? Ha!

Let's have a look at some of Cassini's snapshots of the sacred planet:

Ahh, see that little pixel? Earth!

Since Galileo required additional plutonium (which also serves as its power source) to do the job right, many in the space community have noted that Cassini is packed with an enormous amount of plutonium, sufficient to take care of business, and erupt the planet.

A look at the blue hue up north.  That huge moon we see is - yes, you guessed it - Earth II - a/k/a TITAN

Many questions remain, let's examine this.  We fast forward in time to July , 2015.  The 11 year mission is up.  Preparations at home have been completed, as they have had ( most likely the elite, the 1%, the ILLUMINATI) 11 long years to complete the underground excavation that began with the Galileo mission back in 1989.  The date arrives, and after activation, Cassini is sent on its Kamikaze collision course with Saturn.

Saturn offers two excellent entry points.  Where to enter ?   The north pole or the south?

Here's a look at its South Pole - the eye! CBS uses this as its logo.  How did they know? Something strange is going on.

The honeycomb, volatile, hexagon north pole. This is also what a 3D cube looks like.  So sacred this image/// could it be because they know what is going to happen?

Clearly, we can see that the team has a difficult task ahead of them - with Cassini's help, they will obtain the information the need to determine which pole will permit the most devastation.  While the south looks like a nice small, concentrated sweet spot, the North pole looks aggravating, and it appears that any slight disturbance could trigger some major damage.  I would go north!

Day 1:  Okay, let's say north it is.  The explosion is ignited and the plant explodes.  News programs everywhere carry it ( we would hope in a timely manner, but I doubt that).  Let's say it would take three months, most accurately for the debris to arrive here on earth, in the form of a catastrophic, meteor storm from hell.  This marring disturbance will most likely be withheld from the public for a month, giving the elite 30 days advance notice so they can make their preparations.

Day 32:  While the elite scramble to their regional underground bunker cities, and decide whether or not to have a hot tub or play basketball. All is well for them as they have already secured their items of wealth and power.  Us?  This is what we will be doing... the rest of us will be at the will of the local traffic light... watching it... as we find ourselves in the worst traffic of our lives... we observe the light going from green to red... with  the car not advancing one centimeter.

Well,the story doesn't get much brighter from here, folks.  With meteors the size of a house slamming into earth, one would need to be a long way underground before they can breathe easy. It is frightening to think about.

Day 45: Okay, so we have 45 days to go, and at least we can enjoy the second sun!  So wonderful, they even named it Lucifer  (the light bearer) after Satan!  All of Satan's followers meet at the local Free Mason lodge and party it up.

Not to far from Lucifer, Titan can be observed beginning its long awaited thaw.  VorSix has been activated.  The elite drool at the though of all the gold and platinum still resting undiscovered on Titan.  The greed bastards do what they do best-

With Lucy lit, Titan will thaw out nicely, like a fresh porterhouse steak.  This will fill the seas, and clear the shores.

The development team begins its plan to explore Titan.  Elite lotteries, of all exotic types are conducted by the elite as they bid on land, rights, and play games of chance to secure space on the new earth.  Depending upon the collateral damage caused by the remains of Saturn, who knows how bad Earth I will end up.

The gerrymandering begins...on Titan... Earth II.  Tons of natural resources await... the grand plan of the illuminati has finally arrived... it is now... the turn of the tide... (wink)

Day 60:  Alas, the meteors have begun to strike.  Depending upon the earths rotation, one side of the planet will consume most of it, as the other side endures a slow roll, into hell, slowly revolving either toward the mayhem, or away.
With Project Lucifer one year away my friends, I can only hope the didn't pack enough Pluto into Cassini.  July, 2015... 7+2+0+1+5 =15=1+5=6, or 7x2+0+1+5=8)=56, or 11.  There is a bit of conflict as to when the exact termination date... realistically the can do this whenever the want.  If you check the cassini website, the state the next visit is Titan,,, and that is ion 30 days, so perhaps they are conducting one last lap???
We have one year... it is fun to think about how much more progressive this planet will be with two suns... sure perhaps Lucifer will not be as bright as the Sun, but to have 24 hours of sunlight... let's just say those solar stocks would be a good investment!
I am trying to end this on a positive note, and the only way to do that is to point out that the Illuminati do not have any interest in our interests, they will seek the advancement of the 1%, so let's stand up and fight them, for if Project Lucifer is realized... we will no longer be here... and most certainly will not be on the next ship to Titan.
Love ya,
-The Webmaster G

I wrote this for a film blog in 2013- they wanted my top comedies of the 80's. After they read it they rejected the list citiiiing the absence of ghostbusters and back to the this a good list?

Top TenHighest Ranking Comedies Released in the Eighties

Ever notice how poor in quality the comedy genre has become over the past fifteen years?  We have observed a steady decline in film caliber, and it appears to have become a consistent, reliable fact that no matter who the studios shuffle around, the funny films fail.   Think about a bunch of recent comedy films:  The Dilemma, The Internship, Delivery Man.  Could all hope be lost?
Back in the 80’s, even though a majority of comedies were derived from a high school setting, there had been a treasure chest full of high quality, intelligent, excellent films. It is time to find out the results of a competition which matched up the best versus the best during this gilded era of comedy motion picture. 
Here’s a look:
Points have been accumulated using a complex formula representing a function of: 
*      Frequency of Laughs
*      Performances by Cast
*      Quality of Overall Film, and its
*      Staying power over the years
This had been a crowded pool of entries.  With Michael Keaton having two submissions (Mr. Mom and Gung Ho) it reminded everyone of his valuable contributions in the eighties.  Mel Brooks had a few entries, and there were many others to choose from.  Honorable Mention is listed below. Using this advanced, technical practice employing a complex scoring program we are proud to submit to you: the BEST FUNNY FILMS of the 80’s.

HONORABLE MENTION:  While these films scored high, it is simply further evidence of how the comedy genre during this time had been saturated with many, many great films.
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Spinal Tap, Police Academy, The Princess Bride, The War of the Roses,  Big, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, A Christmas Story, Trading Places, Coming to America, Bachelor Party, Weird Science, Spaceballs, A Fish Called Wanda, and Uncle Buck.

10.  National Lampoon’s European Vacation  (1985)
                This chapter of the Griswold’s adventures edged out Christmas Vacation simply due to the enjoyment of watching Clark try to maneuver across Europe without incident.  The scene in France where the French Waiter curses Clark out while commenting on his wife and daughters t and a is one of the best moments ever within cinema’s comedy realm.  This film’s score could only achieve #10 due to the absence of cousin Eddie.  Other noteworthy moments include the Pig in a Poke game show,  Eric Idle’s appearances, the German beer festival brawl, and the Griswold’s showing up at a completely random strangers house in Germany – incorrectly assuming they are related.  This plus much more earns European Vacation the number ten slot.

10.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)
                Things get a little tight when a film has a limited location.  Outside of the supermarket, where Eddie buys five 50 pound bags of dog kibble, and the tree hunt that kicks off the film, most of this masterpiece is set at the Griswold house.  Let’s not forget when Clark meets Merry at the Mall.
[Lingerie Kiosk]
“Tis the season to be Merry!” Clark exclaims
“Well, that’s my name!” she replies
“No shit.”
Merry draws closer… “Can I take something out for you?”

There’s a reason the networks bid for the five year contract that gives them the rights to run the film each holiday season.  It doesn’t get much better than this film ( in the 80’s)… but here are those films that are:

9.  Better Off Dead (1985)
                John Cusack’s early work enabled him to become a well respected lifer within the film business.  Even though he received top billing for “Hot Tub Time Machine,” a hilarious film where we see him in 80’s form, but quite average in his delivery) he is absent from its sequel.  Outside of 1408, and a few others, Cusack makes a lot of films.  He works almost as hard as Nic Cage.  Here, we have one of the greatest winter comedies ever as Blaine is joined by his sidekick Dudley Dawson (that’s right –booger), Ricky ( the sharp-dressing fat kid who lives next door), a cameo by Porky, and  the infamous paper boy looking for his “two dollars.”  A big score for this pleasure trip of a film… enough to break through the list to #9.

8.  Three O’Clock High (1985)
                It doesn’t got much more intelligent and innovative than Buddy Revell; the new kid who does not like to be touched.  This is one that builds off of the Nick Nolte, Ralph Macchio, Crispin Glover, Richard Mulligan comedy “Teachers,” but has many more laughs.  The premise  that  Buddy has a policy of fighting people (who touch him)after school, at 3:00 is genius.   In this film, we catch a glimpse of just one of those days and it is a great ride.

8.  Club Paradise (1986)
                Yes, there is much truth to the statement that a top ten list of this type without a Robin Williams film would be suspect.  Well, here it is – one of the best tropical island comedies you will ever see and the only reason why it scored so high is due to the performances of Rick Moranis ( now retired) and Eugene Levy. Both are at their best in this film as they play Barry and Barry – two singles guys down there for one purpose and one purpose only – the ladies.  They steal every scene and their characters probably represent the funniest duo in film – ever.  While a plot involving local civil unrest, and mundane events absorbs some screen time, but Barry and Barry keep this film in top form. One of the the more funnier films plus a good soundtrack from Jimmy Cliff.

7.  The Naked Gun (1988)
                No list of this genre carries viability without at least one Leslie Nielson film.  This comedy spent some time at the #1 slot, but has declined over time due to the diluted effects of its sequels.  Still, a formidable comedy not to be dismissed, Naked Gun scored high enough to secure the seven slot.

6.  Airplane!  (1980)
                Leslie Nielson is back and Airplane represents a pioneer  – especially for 1980.  When you isolate a film’s setting to an airplane one of two things can happen – the very bad, or the very funny.  Airplane will always represent a great comedy worth watching anytime.

5.  Caddyshack (1980)
                With Ted Knight, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray it will comfort many to know that this film spent a significant amount of time in the #1 slot.  It is one of the best – and Bill Murray’s performance is only marginally better than Dangerfield’s, who gives one of the greatest comedic performances  ever. 
Ted Knight’s performance reveals an importance loss to film as his character really brought this film together.

[Judge Smails on the tee]
“Hey, a hundred bucks you slice right into the woods!” Dangerfield’s Al Czervik snaps as he waits unpatiently for the judge to work through his lengthy pre-shot rteoutine.
“Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice,” he replies just before slicing the hell out of the ball into the trees.

It would take movie magic to beat Caddyshack in a comedy completion - almost impossible to do.  With four films remaining one thing is certain, the eighties had been a great time for comedies.

4.  National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)
                “Whattya say, Clark, could ya spare a little, extra cash?”  Eddie is on board in this version, the first and best of the Vacation films.  From the very first scene, when Eugene Levy sells Clark the Wagon Queen Fanily Truckster, on to when Clark asks for Directions in an urban neighborhood, this comedy is unmatchable.  Hundreds of road trip films have tried to come close, and they have all failed.  Cousin Eddie’s performance here is trumped only by what he does in Christmas Vacation.  John Candy also shows up at the end and taken all together – this film’s scores reach paramount highs due its effective flow and pace.  Let’s not forget Christie Brinkley, whose appearances in this film always bring a smile.

3.  Summer Rental (1985)
                Candy makes Chevy Chase look like an amateur here – as he takes his family down to Florida and runs into a hilarious elitist Al Pellet, played by Richard Crenna.  Crenna turned in another trademark performance as Phil Brody in The Flamingo Kid, but here, Crenna performed some of his best work serving as the film’s effective antagonist.  Candy learns about sunburn, the politics of reservations at the lobster inn, sailing, and last but not least, the beach.  When they finally settle in, Candy’s rental, a place where he yearns for peace and quiet, is located next door to a guy building a deck and using an electric saw all day.  There are too many quotes to mention here, but some of the best include: 

“Oh, don’t worry,  it’s just kibble,”  Candy assures the correct owner of 315 Beach Lane after thirty pounds of dog food hits the floor.

{The Restaurant]
“Why don’t we all have the lobster!” Crenna decides as his order empties the lobster tank.
“Don’t serve these.  You got my table –you’re not getting my lobsters,” Candy says.
“Oh, this is your table, and these are your lobsters? “ Crenna continues as he and Candy face-off for the first time.

John Candy at his best here and the film peaks when he hits the packed beach with cooler in tow.  With Summer Rental coming in at number three, two of the best remain.

2.  Back to School (1986)
                “You rememeber Jimmy Pitso?  He had an ugly wife, three ugly kids, and great coffee,” Thornton Mellon remarks after avoiding at ticket for raiding the sorority house showers.
 Lines like these are littered throughout one of the smartest comedies ever made.  Sam Kinnison’s performance cannot be surpassed.  Kinnison’s Professor Turgeson boosts this film clear to number 2.  We know that Dangerfield has acted in many films, he even worked with Oliver Stone in trying to gain a nomination for his role in “Natural Born Killers.”  This would have given Rodney a ticket into the Academy, a goal of his.  Back To School remains one of the most intelligent comedies ever and the original story of a guy like Mellon going back to school could only work with someone like Rodney.  Nothing even close has been attempted by the industry because studio chiefs know it would be impossible to try with success. Oingo Boingo sings “Dead Man’s Party,” and we get them performing it during a laugh-filled college party scene.  Robert Downey Jr. has one of the best lines – when he encounters everyone favorite 80’s villain (Johnny from Karate Kid, Billy Zabka, playing Chas Osborne here):
During registration Chas tries to cut in with Mallory.
“You guys mind if I cut in. Mellon…buddy?” Chas assumingly inquires.
Holding out his arm, Derek Lutz, played by Downey, Jr., interjects with:
“Uh, I don’t think so Osborne.  Maybe if you got a note from every single person on line, then maybe we’d consider it.  Until then, take a hike you elitist fraternity scumbag.”
Burt Young plays his best role since “Amityville Horror II.”  As Lou, Thornton Mellon’s driver and muscle.
“You know, ya father loves ya kid,” he explains to the younger Mellon.  I had two kids of my own.  I put one kid through college, the other one I put through the wall.”
Young’s character Lou has many more good lines to contribute.
Let’s not forget when Mellon introduces the economics class to his experiences in the real world:
 “Then you have to handle other costs, like waste disposal.  I am not sure if you are familiar with who handles that business, but I’ll assure you, it’s not the boy scouts,” hs says in a reference to the mafia’s control of waste disposal during the eighties.
Back to School will be one of the anchors that 80’s will need when we match up the best 80’s comedies versus the 70’s and 90’s and on.  There’s only one film funnier than Back to School… and in order to be better than this comedy, it would have to really be funny.

 Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
First off, John Goodman’s role as Coach Harris deserved an Oscar nomination in this picture.  The reason this film scored so high is due to the wealth of its cast, and the massive work exhibited by Goodman, Booger, Ogre, and the rest of the Lamda Lamda Lamda roster.  Goodman’s performance here involves real laughs each time he’s on screen.
“Cut the social bullshit, and grab a cot!”
“When your father looked down at you, he said, some day my son will grow to be a man. Well look at you now…
“The key to the season is homecoming…we win homecoming, we get the alumni support, we get the alumni support, we take league, we take league, we get a bowl bid…”
“Shit, we forgot to practice.”
Similar to Back to School, we have a higher academia based film ( college).  Nerds explores more of the out of the classroom moments.  Let’s not forget the nerds themselves:

“I’ve been out combing the high schools all day,” Booger states describing his search for a date.
“Hey guys, wonderjoints,” replies Booger as he introduces the party to its next level of fun.
Who can forget takashi playing cards with Booger.
“No, that’s no good. See, ya got too many kings.  Let’s take three of these kings away… and give you 3 fresh new cards,” booger says.
“Ahh, thankyouverymuch.”
I can go on and on… and don’t get me started on NERDS II.

*** Please share your thoughts…

Thursday, April 6, 2017

More Source Gold For Myers' Return

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So true - there is plenty of room to explore as it concerns Michael- zombie was able to get into his child hood. I loved the casting of Malcom McDowell as Loomis - but both films were failures - - I guess we are just going to have to take what we can get.. I am writing a script that will get michael off the " I kill m,y relatoves" beat - which needs to get tossed out - it was one time thing for the original 1 + 2. He needs to encounter a nemesis.esis - and that is my plan.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back to School - "Bar Fight Against Football Team" Watch Until Lou Says "Now ya do!"

"I mean the wars over.  Get new parts for ya head!"

- Rodney

Great line.


Coburn Takes Oscar at 99 Oscars. How Is It Possible That He Never Won Before?

His performance is one that puts writers to work - in hopes of getting a masterful actor like Coburn   aand Co. to work with.  It's a lesson in acting, realism, and what one should do.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Future Of The Film Industry Is The Past, Apparently. Gajonka Film White Paper On The Crisis In Hollywood.

Before we begin, I will share with you two facts.  Saturn is eight times the size of Earth and Batman the movie is currently getting a re-treatment.

No, it is not 1989.  It's 2017. 

The Economist just published two articles in their most recent issue about how Amazon is, based upon the all-pro content, and, apparently, their belief, that it's the best investment in the world today.

Let's look at Amazon.  Past 3 years of core data (billions).

                        14        15         16
Cash                            14b    16b       19b

Debt                             8        8          7

"OTro LIAB"                    7       9      13

Total Assets:                     54      65       83

Total Liabilities                  44     51      64   

To me,  looks like liabilities are growing faster than assets!!!!!!!!!!!!

We begin with AMZN because Bezos is trying to single handedly turn the film and entertainment industry into a circus.

There is value in film projects that are carefully written, cast, and filmed.  There is no value in thinking that an okay idea will work if they throw enough money at it.  Look,  the projects of AMZN and NFLX are not even at the drawing board by the time they have all of the ad money lined up to fund it and post a profit.

These two shops don't care about quality!

Think about it this way,  we are facing one of the most critical moments in film.

I just hope my instinct is wrong.  I keep my good ideas on this site because I hope somebody at one of these music-maker shops finds it and steals least we will have quality.    Nick Cage and Deniro , not leaving out the Brits Cumberbatch and Fassbender acting in four films a year is not quality, it is cheap excess, and piss poor judgment.  Do they think they are doing us a favor?  Here's a wakeup call, it is not challenging to play pretend. 

Whew!  Okay, so since we know the next Batman film should be called DeathStroke Rises or center on The Joker's transition plan. 

Here's the opening of my story about that:

      Perhaps one could point to The Joker’s 60th birthday party as the moment of shift.  Penguin, at 74, uses a cane in public but behind closed doors insiders say he relies on a cutting edge mobilized wheelchair to move.  

Even if the Sandman were to escape from prison at 43, his weaponized mist has already been antidote…solved.  Referred to as Sand Man Mist, its core ingredient mystery was cracked, making any variation of it a non-existent threat.  

In a similar vein, The Riddler, now 51, has been chipped, making his whereabouts public knowledge at 

Joker had been planning a big celebration for his 65th After all, he had reached the acceptable age of retirement.  He also allocated much of his time to working on a way to keep his empire.  His boys expressed little interest in following his old man.  His girls impacted Joker so much he became a different man.  Now, only a much diluted flow of anarchy runs through his veins and Joker knows it. The time has arrived to enact his transition plan.

I researched aboutt 12 new forces that would be good for the new wave of the next generation.  I mean, are we all so uncreative that we can't create new characters, just keep re-making the same sh*t/?
As a treat, I will give you 1- The Snail Fish Man.   His toxin surge will melt Spidermman in 33 seconds.

Now, let's move to Halloween, then GI JOE.  We will wrap with He-Man.  Check back for updates.


Michael Myers should be driving...he drove in the original.  

We should not start this new one in 18  after the second one.  Do you realize how boring a hospital is?  I swear, if I see a hospital in the 2018 Halloween, I m walking out... but only for a piss because Michael Myers is my favorite badass.

For this film we make him the anti-hero to start. 

A string of mayhem has been spreading into his neighborhood, and his neighborhood young ones are too afraid to  trick or treat.     We create a team of four alternate villains, and Michael Myers makes his return by cleaning up the neighborhood, or city if need be.

Myers can go to Australia, or to Europe, either works.  I would love to see the French deal with him.  Remember, the best thing about Halloween resurrection was that the resurrection took place within the last 3 seconds.
We Know Myers has a flipped right eye lid- use what we know.  I am actually the guy who brought the anger and sadness to Zombie after his first film because he did not include any trick or treaters, Halloween decorations... not even a freaken pumpkin!  Peter, the genius who runs slash film helped me deliver the change that we saw in his second attempt.  Zombie installed a Halloween party.

Anyway, don't is October....brown leaves cover our is a time to bring all private people to the public eye...for all must answer the ring....of the doorbell on Halloween.

Spores caused CC to grow 18 eyes on his head.  He wears the hood to suppress the stares and the added color view.
Cobra will keep CC at the top.  His right hand will be Mindbender and Scrap Iron on the left.  Destro is his mastermind and General,  The Crimson Twins are his secret weapon, Zartan, Baroness, and The Dreadnochs are the weights that will cause  the GI project to fail.  No need to spend time with storm shadow vs. Snake Eyes, I am sure they are sick of always being expected to fight each other.   The sacrifices should be Firefly, Major Blood, and a Dreadock on the Cobra side.
On the Joe side, take your pic, Beechead, Dusty or Alpine, or just kill the black guy. lol

Snake Mountain offers a refreshing medley of villains.  While I will always love Frank Langella for breathing life into Skeletor, we need to introduce Skeletor to the world.  Use Trap Jaw, Beast Man,  Cobra Khan and Webstor, but leave a few like Whiplash and Mer-man  for the third act.  Skeletor must win, in the end.  This will set the franchise on the right track.  Enough of this bull sh*t that the good guys always have to come back in the end and win.

Monday, April 3, 2017


By B.W.

*** Sneak Preview*** With music excised***


A large crowd of people gather to watch a refreshing new game.  The home dugout is filled with young little leaguers wearing maroon jerseys.  The away dugout is empty and waiting to be filled by a blended group of 10-12 convicts from The Battery,  Buffalo New York’s department of corrections.


Tambrandt slaps the microphone on his clipboard as he steps over in front of homeplate to address the massive audience of people who have vested interests in how these convicts will end their day if they can’t remain safe through six innings.


Welcome, All.  Now for most of you this will be the first time you have seen your guy since trial.  They may attempt to appeal to your  kinder side here, given the payout they most likely will receive.  Please let the name tags dictate who gets to stand closest to the sliding gates.  Now, Please, again, we have fixed the trigger gates this season so please, when a prisoner makes an out, do not push the gates.  The locking mechanism will free and the gates will slide open for you.  If you still need approved tools we have tool tents on both sides behind the stands, the sitting area.  New this year is the baby lynx.  It is the weapon that Braveheart used to kill one of the selfish lords…a fine weapon.  It ‘s chain is two feet long and the spike ball is dangerous so do be careful when swinging.  Mind your neighbors, please.   We have had a good run of safety here we like to keep it that way.  If you do not have a vested interests in a convicts demise, please feel free to help out the families that are seeking justice today.  We will be raffling off 6 taser guns - one for each inning.  Please see the three raffle stations and ask Christie Anne if you'd like a hand.

Now, let’s bring out the manager of the Northstar Tigers, the #1 ranked little league team in upstate New York!


Murray, the Warden’s appointed manager stands up and calls out the lineup as the convicts drink beer cans from the two large coolers positioned up front of the blue prison bus.


Okay, here’s the lineup.  Remember, you get a hit…all you need to do is make it to first.   If you try and stretch it out against these kids, you will get a chance to rest but don’t turn a single into an exit.  Those gates open, its only you and that bat you have.


“How far do the tasers fly this time?”


“ Tasers go one distance, three feet.  You can use the bat to swipe it and they only sell five of them all game.  Maybe you will get lucky.”


One, Thompson

Two, Berman

Three, Steenbock

Four, Penner

Five, Brushy

Six, Mitchell

Seven,  Maguire

Eight,  Schwartz

Nine,  Goldman

Ten,  Kubricks

Eleven, Russo

Twelve,  Casey

Thirteen, McCann

and last, Clarke.

Good luck, now remember go straight to the dugout or the guards will zap you.

The mob of crowd members converge on the bus as it pulls in behind the visitor's dug out, now empty but for one large keg of beer on ice.  The doors swing open and with the crowd wailing and cursing, there are a ew minutes that pass before anyone steps off.  Here, the players fixate their stares at the crowd, most noticing the sad and upset family members they saw in during trial now carrying metal bats, long-knives, machetes, and taser guns.
Russo is the first to move.
Wow, I never thought I would see them again.  Fuck it, I was an all star in little league.
Heh, I don't even see anyone related to my murder...this will be easy for me...see, it pays to be female in America boys
Goldman follows Russo off the bus, and the others...eventually follow. 
EXT.  Camera POV of players exiting the bus and getting spit on, drinks and food thrown in their face, enough for all convicts to run like little girls to the dugout.  All except Casey, Kubricks, Steenbock, Mitchell, and Penner.  They appeared cool and calm.  This would be their third time playing the Buffalo Angels in burgundy.
EXT. Long shot from behind the pitchers mound as the Angels have taken the field and are warming up.  Camera zooms into the convict dug-out , showing Maguire tapping the Keg and helps Berman and Brushy by filling their cups.
"ooh-ehh!  Looks like we got ourselves some Milwaukee's Beast!  Nothin but the best!"
Food and liquid continue to litter the convicts dugout until Tammbrandt's voice can be heard demanding the pelting to stop or to be escorted away from field 3 entirely.


EXT.  Medium shot of the final stretch at Belmont.  The horses jump from the gate.


This is my last $500, Wade, what did you bet? Lemme see yer tickets.

I don’t know.  #6 Pancake Sandwich.


Ha!  99-1.

The crowd jumps and stirs as the horses race and close in on the final stretch.  Kubrick’s gun falls from his waist when he sees his #2 horse make a move.

Here we go, terminator blue, I got you!

Three older black men stand behind Kubricks and Siegrist.  They are too old to stand on the benches.  They complain about seeing the backs of people and no race. As the horses head home for the line, one of black guys gets irritated at the two idiots blocking their view.  He sees the gun drop.  He picks it up.


Come on Pantherfox you bastard run!


Go 4 ! go 4! Get up!

At the finish the 4 horse soars up from wide outside and beats terminator blue to take the million dollar prize.


I won! I won! Hey!

Kubrick is pissed, he throws his beers and spits on his ticket before ripping it to shreds.


I can’t see shit! Just saw a few manes! 
Kubricks notices his gun is missing and he looks back to the guy hollering about the horse that beat his.

Hey, good bet!  How much you have on him?

$2 across the board!!!! Wooo-hee

KUBRICKS sees his gun in Black man 3’s hand, holding it out to return it t him.  Kubricks thanks him, smiles, picks up the revolver and shoots black moon 2 in the back of the head as he waits in the crowd to go cash his chalk winning ticket.


EXT.  Close-up of the back of the first batter.  He is a huge, massive man....over300 pounds.  Name on the #14 jersey reads “THOMPSON”

The pitcher sends the first pitch down and Thompson swings and fouls it back.  The crowd has been drinking, too, and they make sure to let the folks with "Thompson" stickers gain prime pole position where the gates slide open.  The second pitch arrives and Thompson smacks a ball down the third base-line.  The third baseman fields it quick, then loses the ball on the transfer to throw.  Thompson, rther than running full blast, looks back and sees the bobble, and trips five feet from first.  3B picks up the ball and whipts it to first.  Thompson picks himself up and dives to first.  The ball is overthrown and Thompson is safe.


EXT.  Long shot of a swimming pool hosting a swim meet.  The scoreboard reveals a tie meet;

Bay Hills 8
Bay Coast 8

 There’s one relay left.   


A gun fires and the first of three swimmers vaults into the shiny, calm , dark blue pool water.

The crowd cheers and the loudest chant is first heard.


“Don’t fuck this up Joey, you’re the fucking anchor!”

The heckler was screaming at his son, and Bay coast anchor freestyle, Joe Thompson, undefeated in five years.  This year he faces Lenny Gott, the kid who stole his girlfriend, took her to the prom, and took her virginity, then proposed marriage.


“  Let’s go Rick, we’re winning!”

Joey rips his headphones off and walks over to Lenny who is getting his shoulders massaged like fresh  meat  by his ex-girlfriend of only 6 months ago.


“EAT SHIT LEN.  WATCH ME WIN NO matter how big the lead.”


“Ahhh, thanks Stacy.  That feels better,” he and Stacey both ignore Thomson which infuriates him.

The second unit goes off and Bay Hills team has pulled off a four length lead.

Thompson just stares at Len and Stacey.  He wants them both dead.


“Oh, shit Joey!!  This is all up to you now!   We’re fucked!
The parent argue as Lenny steps up and dives in.  A full four seconds elapse until Joey launches out and immediately he picks up a length on Lenny.  He strokes hard and when they hit the wall Lenny is ahead by only one length.  Clearly, he is a shitty freestyle swimmer.


“Oh, what a shit-show  Hess, your son cant swim for shit!  He’s blowing it!

Thompson takes over and proceeds to win by five lengths. 

As Stacy waits for Lenny to sulk in the pool  at his monumental failure,  Thompson walks over, holding a huge five foot long , glowing gold trophy, grabs Lenny by his hair, drags him out of the pool and into Stacey.  Thompson then attacks Lenny, picking him up, flipping him around and performing, of all moves, a real professionally set-up pile driver, impaling Len’’s skull into the wet cement.  Blood burst all over the rest of Len’s team.


“… and his sixth consecutive win at Anchor!  Big Joe Thompson!”

EXT  Field #3 Crowd perspective looking from the stands as the next batter steps up.

#7 slowly steps to the plate. David Berman may be dressed in a baseball uniform, but he does not look like an athlete.




“ You murdered my daughter you worthless fuck.  Go ahead try to hit…try to get a-“


The pitch came in and the umpire called it as it was




Striiiike 1


Tambrandt tapped his mike on his clipboard to indicate this could be the first victim.  He is so proud of his code activated, sliding security fence, he wants to make sure it fucking works given all the money it cost.   Tambrandt relaxed as he saw Ronnie Summers counting today’s gate.  $2,000 per person.




Baaaall 1


The pitcher was young Mike Kotic, and he was not afraid of these guys.  He’s hit 25 convicts so far.  A hit by pitch is a safe trip to first base.


Mike hurled in his third pitch and this time Berman swung….he just got a piece of the ball with the tip of the bat, the ball rolled out three feet, Berman dropped his bat and booked it to first.  Andujar Rojas was at catcher and he was chubby and slow.  This was a piece of cake though.  He grabbed the ball and drilled a strike to Jimmy Sebbo at first.




EXT.  Longshot of a crowded stretch of ocean beach.   Gerry Winter’s wife, Bambi, is a beach bum and she forces him to go on weekends when the sands are packed and it just boils his blood.  After a few cold crisp beers he gets cozy and enjoys himself, though.  Gerry just finished suffering a 100 yard walk carrying an 80 pound Coleman capped with two bags of ice, plus an ice water thermos that weighs 30 pounds.  He is pissed and tired.  The beach is packed and to further irritate him Bambi packed a spot  about 8 feet from some jerk listening to his portable radio.  He is listening to the Yankee game. DAY


Don’t be a dick, Gerry.  Put your 50 block on and have another beer.  They are cold.  I got your favorite, red dog…or wolf.




Excuse me buddy, could you turn that down a little.  It’s too loud.




It’s almost over.  Maldonado’s coming in. Games tied!


Gerry played soccer, he has no idea what he just said.








It’s an hour in and still, the radio is playing as the game has reached inning 15.  Gerry cracks beer8.  He’s loosening up and rubbing lotion bambis back.



Hey pal, your annoying. Turn the game off. No one wins today.


Hey, I’m a cop.  Watch it.


Ext.  parking lot – almost sunset.


Gerry walks on the pavilion heading toward the car.  He had to listen to 10+ innings of a baseball and the game lasted longer than his beer supply.  He listened to the nobody beats the wiz commercial 20 times.  He is pisssed and h made sure that he and bambi left shortly after the cop who shit on his only day off all week.




Hurry up, girl. Giddy.



I have to hit the showers and wash off this sand.




I’ll bring the car around


The lot was still filled with cars as most afternoon beach folk stay until sunset.  Gerry sense his chance to get this guy.


EXT  Zoom shot of the annoying radio guy loading his trunk, taking his time.


Gerry jumped in his car and swung it around fast and he was going to enforce his own law today= the law of peace and fucking quiet on the goddamn beach.


Gerry steppe on it and rather than throw an empty beer bottle at the guy’s head, the cop lost his balance toweling off his ankles.  He stepped into the path of Gerrys speeding car and Gerry just ht the gas.

Rather than call 911 and report the accident, Gerry noticed no one was in sight.  In a flash he did a lap and ran the prick over a send time just as he held up his hands , stunned reaching for help.  Gerry smiled and yelled at him as he passed.



Hey!  You deserve it asshole!


To his shock Gerry was able to bring the car up to the pavillion, pick up his wife of 15 years, and drive away like a cop himself – keeping the ocean free from assholes with portable radios.


Six weeks passed.  Gerry never gave it another thought.

In the middle of week 8, almost two months after the accident, two plainclothes officers knocked down his front door.
“… and his sixth consecutive win at Anchor!  Big Joe Thompson!”