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Monday, February 29, 2016

Kesha Vs. Dr. ( Here, take these pills and I'll be back in an hour make yourself comfy- you are a pop superstar now! ) Luke

Have a look at Kesha in the "Die" video - she is skinny

Here's my post from four years ago re: how the lyrics in the song "Die Young" could have very easily been changed to something less negative , without adversely impacting the song:

Who is this guy, Dr. Luke?

When credits are  given to songs, as in who wrote them, or contributed to the creation of the song...why isn't it illegal to lie about who actually is responsible?

Why would she even be able to sign a 9 record deal?  That should be illegal, it's abusive.

Why are we hearing from all her int'l pop star peers only NOW?

Who did not publicly speak up on this?

We are seeing a rare, once in a lifetime event here - the curtain is never pulled back like this - please observe carefully as there's info here that can expose the industry.

All these questions, I know.  There is one I dont need answered.  Dr. Luke can't sing for shit.  I know he tried.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Big Bulls is Coming Soon !

2016 is here... and it's time for Big Bulls to wager on success!

Here's  sneek peek at the player's look and feel experience.

We'll begin with a few company names:

Next, here's a look at the BB Slider, just a piece of it.  What you represents the year, and the % performance in stock price per name.

Just a sneak peek!!

MORE TO COME- check Kickstarter now!

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