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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Great News !!! Spader To Play Ultron !!! YES !!!!!!!!!!! SPader Plays a Great Prick!! Love it !

Spader Rrrriiiisse !!
This blog is a big pro-James Spader blog - and this is great news - the bets news of the summer !

Sweeet !!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Illuminati Punishes Beiber - DK's Him From MTV VMA's.

Shocker!  Huge, stunning event.  How is it possible?  Here we have the music industry's youngest, most successful talent, who conducted a world tour ( well, I know he did a bunch of shows at the o2 arena) that earned millions...

But where was he at the MTV VMA's - the showcase of the illuminati - one where they have more creative control than the grammys... no Bieber.

Instead, we get an overload of timberlake - as if he is the god of the universe.  I don;t see it, I think is an awful actor, and I think his music is for girls, and marginal at best.

Did the illuminati punish Bieber?  Has his recent behavior caused the powers that be to check his own power - and let him know who is in control?

Clearly, something is up.

Miley Cyrus took to strippin on stage - stealing the show! How about the prison strioped suit worn by Robin Rick?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Illuminati - The COBRA Organization - Its Hierarchy, Its Foundation, & The Opening Scene From: III: "Cobravision" or "Full Force" * unofficial

To begin, we need to understand how the Cobra organization works.  Many of us work for companies that have afixed set of executive officers, each of whom is responsible for their division ( CEO's division is the set of executive officers).  Within each division there is a reporting line; supervisors, middle managers, and employees.

In the army, it's the same or similar.

With Cobra, all of this gets thrown out the freaken window.  So let us begin:

A.  Cobra can be defined as a league of assasins.

B.  Cobra Commander is the Supreme Ruler, the Supreme Leader of Cobra.

C.  Cobra Commander has eight to ten eyes on his head; which inlcudes one in the back, and two towards the top.  This is why he wears the hood - so that he can normalize appearances.  (** See Spores; Golobulus).

D.  Outside of the standard troopers, vipers, BATS, and crimson guard, each ASSASIN has a direct line into Cobra Commander ( Drednochs report to Zartan, the exception to the rule).

E. This is how it works.

F.  In the openeing scene I've written, we view through the camera a perspective from behind the Cobra Commander, as he lounges in his ASP Airship, viewing the jumbo screen where he is conducting his videoconferences ( on sided view-only).  We are able to view The Commander without his mask/hood for the first time.  We see a greenish-pinkish tone to his bald head.  One half-opened eye blinks normally, and IN COMPLETE UNISON WITH THE OTHERS.  We see two more eyes toward the top of his scalp, again these appear to be more half-opened.  These two eyes are directed toward the ceiling, but we can see the eye ball itsled move a bit when The Commander gets excited, angry, or laughs.  He spends most of this scene doing the latter, enjoying having blown up the illuminati city of London - as depcted in GI Joe II.

99999999999||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  More  Coming Sooon ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||999999999

Friday, August 23, 2013

Unofficial Opening Sequence from G.I. Joe III Sequel: Titled : Cobravision or FULL FORCE

GI JOE:  Full Force - This title will prelude the fact that Paramount has (hopefully) decided to bring in a bigger cast - to go twelve deep on both sides, at least.

GI JOE III:  CobraVision- This title should be used since Cobra's next plan could involve the subliminal mind control used in Halloween III and the cartoon series.

Either way, we will need to see Cobra Commander, Scrap Iron , and Dr. Mindbender.  All three are referenced in the opening sequence.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Yahoo CEO Gives ILLUMINATI POSE !!! Yahoo Exposed!

Well, well, well, it isn't the tempting, risque, or exotic, unorthodox aspects of this pose that draw my attention.  If you look closely... you will see it.
In fact, as we know, under Illuminati in Film Rule #1 - pyramids are found in all films.  We know that film directors compete with themselves, secretly, in instituting the most innovative, creative way of incorporating a pyramid into a film.  From Stephen Summers "I don't give a shit" appraoch, as demonstrated in GI JOE I ( during Baroness vs. Scarlett fight, there is a car triangle, smalll red triangle used for when you change your tire, to alert others ... safety) to Cunningham , Ron Howard, from Happy Days, who used a patio ledge's point to insert a pyramid (in the terrible film, the dilemma)... they are all over.

Even here.

If you look closely, the new CEo offers her insider salute (bravo baby!) by forming a pyrmaid with her left arm.  Now, there is nothing wrong with it... it is just funny to see it here- in this pic.

The pyramid symbolizes how it is better to keep all the wealth and all the power to a select few, and its use promotes the philosophy that it will always be this way.

She may have cursed herself by doing it.  If she wants to make  a positive impact, she should do less to make it known she worhsips lucifer, and more to bring more attention to the incredible value "Yahoo Answers" will have in yahoo's long run success - and how spedning more time on yahoo answers will build shareholder wealth and will return yahoo to the #1 spot over google.


Andrea Sneiderman Verdict - Guilty! Home Girl Set To Do Hard Time On The Block.

Well, another fun trial wraps.  This time, we close the book on the Andrea Sneiderman trial, representing the fine state of Georgia.  Thankfully, the jury got it right - and as Lady Gaga's new self serving song "Applause," indicates, applause to them.

Difficult to believe Andrea didn;t know what was going on.

Remember the story about Rusty finding a guy hiding, pretedning to sleep face down on the side of his house?  Well, that was Heny and it appears that was , in the spirit of "No Pain, No Gain" it was a botched job... as Hemy had a gun and the plan Andrea hatched involved him getting the bullet right there on the driveway.

Congratulatons to the state of Georgia... and to Judge Adams... they got it right.  Now, Andrea, who I found to be appealing... can sit in prison knowing she has $2 million in the bank from the life insurance policies she wasted ZERO TIME filing for ( that in itself is a red flag).

How painful it will be for Andrea, already in shackels as she waddled from the witness chaor to her defense table after selfishly trying to explain to the judge, expsoing her kids, that he would be punishing HER KIDS by putting her in jail... that it is now the court's fault , not hers.  How she has never changed.

andy Thompson, the bumbling, in-over-his -head, border-line incmpetent, crap0 for brains detective who dropped the ball oin the case.... well, we learned about him.  It took us thiorty seconds to find out how much of a moron he is - right when they hit the play button on the intervivew she gave.

"I have a system, that;s how I file it (me, me me me me me me ), but I will compro- I will improvise."

Then he goes on to explain to Andrea how, as she just lost/had her husband to 4 bullets to the head, how he recently lost his grandfather, and how he understands... is he for real?!?!?!

Excellent job by the constanlty annoying Clegg - Thompson was given the name Hemy Neiman - and rather than ask any relevant info about him, he asks if he is bald (like thompson, me me me me me mentality - I NEED tio know!), asks if he is fat.  WHat a complete idiot!  Hysterical to watch, as he prouldy displays his lack of skills.

Shayna Citron - loved her. She was the star of the show.

DA James, slow start - great closing - earned his title.

ADA sexy white girl - wow!

Plemty more - just cant think of it right now.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Want to See a Film? After All it is Summer, Right? Good Luck Finding One Worth the Ticket. Sneiderman Trial, Chayna Citron, Heating Up... Good Fun... Andrea Sniederman is Actually Hot! Shocker! Sniederman Trial!

I just looked up the current selection of movies available tosee in the theatre - and it just upsets me.  Nothing good - all garbage.  Even Wolverine - going with a story line that caters to the diehards, and not selecting a well-known villain within the Marvel Universe to pair off and fight Wolverine, was a bad move.  I mean, they could have even cast "The Thing," a/k/a Ben Grimm as the villain - at least iot would be something I'd pay to see.  Yes, the film will be profitable.  Yes, all involved (at the high level) will make millions and will deem the project a success- and they will think they are the greatest.  Bad news is, the opportunity cost is massive.  We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars thrown out the window for not giving main stream audiences what they want - a Marquee Match-up. 
I recall buying a comic book series from Marvel way back when - it was titled "Marvel Universe" and all it did - was sort, alphabetically, all of the characters - good and bad within the Marvel Universe.  I could pick out ten - even UNKNOWN villains that could have gilded this latest Wolvy film.  The4y need to tap into the villains - and have Woly square off against someone they can sell... not a japanese guy with a long sword.

Elsewhere, I have discovered satisfaction while watching the Andrea Sneiderman trial.  This is the case of the genius, money-driven widow who asked her boss to kill her husband so she could collect the two million in insurance. 
At first, when you look at Andrea, you notice the large pointy nose, the eggplant shaped face, and the inverted mouth which looks like an infinite upside down smile... but and I am not discounting the aforementiuoned... it;s not like they change at all - they stick.  Yet, when she smiles, AS has these big brown eyes... and she is a little sex pot - sexy - intelligent... she has these hands that are like vulture claws.  During her LE interrogation, she talks about how much money other couples have... "They have more money than we do... Uh, actually, I dont know how much money they have."


Then there's Shayna Citron, probably, after Maria Tissh, the bets witness / individual IU have seen in a trial - ever.  She is animated, and beleievable... well spoken, and has sexy brown eyes.. although a bit of a curled lip given emphasis with red lipstick.  Still, she is hot.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is What Recent High Profile Juror's Brains Look Like...

Well, it can only get better.  Interesting developments in the Sniederman trial- State- knowing thet recent juries "don;t get it" are employing a strategy of dumbing it down,,, to strip out big charges, in order to keep things as simple as possible for these people.  We need to have jurors take a qualify exam- this is getting disturbing.

More to come....

Fat Stuff- George Zimmerman Trial - Gets Pulled Over in Texas- Wearing his gun... looking for ACTION!!

A reality show where GZ travels the country - looking for suspicious charcaters while also looking to secure safety in our neighborhoods - is a great idea.  After all, he has a gun - he can approach anyone he wants, an if they don;t like it, he shoots them.  NEXT!!!

Neighborhood Watch with an Upside-Down Brain, without Recourse

(Texas, U.S.A.)

Inevitable. On Sunday, Zimmerman, [“Fat Stuff,”] is pulled over by a Texas state trooper [“Cowboy”] for speeding.

“I have a gun,” Fat Stuff admits to Cowboy, also adding that he is wearing it –ya know, like he always does.

This state trooper clearly doesn’t recognize me. Good, as I am a special, secret, special insider agent… seal, Navy Seal classified agent …spy, international special officer of restricted espionage…stealth missions –

“Where you headed, chunky-man?” Cowboy asks.

“Oh, nowhere in particular.”

Cowboy asks him to put his gun in the glove, like normal people do.

Okay, so Fat Stuff is basically driving around America LOOKING FOR ACTION.

I would call Fat Stuff and ask if we could have a camera-man ride with him, to share his deformed existence with audiences.

{FADE –IN}***With Mrs. Fat Stuff back in middle Florida, holed up waiting for her perjury trial to begin, Fat Staff is free. Driving aimlessly, with no map or ideal destination, Fat Stuff is going to protect our neighborhoods. If he doesn’t know you, or if you look like you are on drugs, your better run, because Fat Stuff is packing – and he is LOOKING FOR ACTION.

“This guy looks like he is on drugs. I’ll shoot and deal with it on the way to re-fill the buckets at Popeye’s, it’s getting close to second lunch time… and I’m hungry.”

Fat Stuff likes the color silver. He likes pick-up trucks. The camera pans back to the twin (double?) cab to reveal the following rations; stocked special for this new mission:

3 bags of JAX (large arti*-+cial cheese puffs)

Case of twinkies

Slim-Jim beef jerky – two cases; tobacco flavor

Three large buckets with the words “KFC” written on them

Ten rectangulatr shaped boxes from Popeyes

Snickers – case

Hubba Bubba – case, and so on…


Note the illuminati ONE EYE imagery used in this film poster.  You will find the one eye appraoch across all media outlets.  I beleiev I even created a post deciated to ho9w Hwood will try to get a one-eyed character into a film as often as possible.  This is to pay homage to lucifer - who had one eye. Crazy, right?!?!  I had no idea this was going on - widespread satanism.  HEY - when it comes to religion - I respect - and feel every one should respect others views and beliefs.  I feel that policy holds true here, so , in the end, there is nothing wrong with it, as odd and macabre-ish that seems considering satanism lends itself to be interpreted as being pro-sacrifice of the innocent.
 Okay, I will make this quick.  We will begin with Wedding Crashers - one of the most successful comedy films in the genre- ever.  Brad Cooper was actually good in that film, alng with "Meat-Machine," his only good performances.  Back on track - Vaughn and Wilson - positive vibes - they work well together- they click.

Now, we know they can't work together on all films so they split up: here were the results (outside of alot of crap they did ( e.g.: "Neighborhood Watch").

<<< Both examples, conveniently enought were released in 2011, offerng healthy parity>>>>>>>>>

Wilson:  "Hall Pass."  This film was a surprise - I laughed my ass off -  Richard Jenkins blew me away as Coakley.  Some of the funniest scenes and lnes I have seen in a loooooong time.  Great film - loved it.  7.7709 / 10 (unusually high score for a comedy).

Vaughn:  "The Dilemma.'  What a horrible, embarrassing, humilaiting experience this had been for the viewers, and I am sure the actors, respectively.  I did not laugh once throughout the entire film - up until the 60% mark when I turned it off, hoping to keep my eyeshight in fear of being blinded by the treachery, the terrible waste of film.  However, Wynone Rider had a great scene when she acted - pure genius, when her and Vaughn are at the diner and she pretends to cry - she is a gem.  This film was a shi*-show- completely unfunny - and yes, it is coming - the dilemma must have been having to go forward with this mess ( I did like how the manager who worked under James, switched his screeen from a spreadhseet to porno - while at work - very funny).

CONCLUSION:  After watching both pieces, my appraisal was confirmed after checkking the profitability of the pair.

Hall Pass:   COST  $36 mm      GROSS REVENUE:  $83mm

The Dilemma:  Cost $80mm (adusted for reality)  Gross Revenue: $62mm (adjusted real figures,

Wikipedia lies about the revenue just to stroke all particiaonts ego's - much better to BREAK EVEN, right?!?!?!?  Taking a loss hurts all parties... unlike this blog - which s0peaks the truth - and gives the real deal - wiki and other sites will do what they can to preserve money making potential- keeping things positive.

WOW!  What a difference!  Vaughn takes the "L" on this but - guess who wrote the screenplay for:

Yep! You guessed it!  Vince Vaughn!!

Again, I preach this, and maybe I concentrate on it too much... but really>>??!??  are you telling me that Vince Vaughn is the only person who can come up with a funny script - developed well enough to make into a film>!>!>/?  Out of the total population in the universe... really>>!??!?!

Again, again, this is the fundamental flaw with h-wood.  A saturation of muck yielding torture.  My solution is simple - tour the country - fill stadiums - and do what Amercian Idol does.  The economic rights to intellectual property is really what is of value - and the objuective is not to stealk someone's idea - which would have to be inserted within all associated person's emplyment contract, the idea is to find individuals - to create a brain-trust pool... so each major studio ( Warner, Universal, Sony, Weinstein, Disney) can have this innnovative pool of idea potential.  I feel this will increasde the qulaity of what we are seeing now... plus, rather than wasting special effects on shi*, there could be real synergy and the results could give the entertainment a new name, a new goal to stive for, but more importantly, a new standard.  Sure, they can be creative on where they hide their pyramid... and yes, they can have chcerflags as a logo for a store... and yes, they can hide alien faces in the backdrop... but there will be (the potentially high possibility of a wealth of new ideas for film) really good ideas.

That's my story - oh, and the "supposed" figures on wiki - paint one picture- but ther real numbers for the project look like this:

"The Internship"   Cost:  $66 mm,  Gross Revenue $70mm

Ugh - Eeeewwwhh- another break-even. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

# III : Time To Open Hollywood's Treasure Chest of Secrets ----->>>

Let's Re-cap:

#  I:  Pyramids:  At least one will be skillfully, clandestinely inserted - PROMINENTLY within the film.  They use this image tp brag and boost their ego's.  It also generates energy, in accordnace with their doctine, as the more people unknowingly see multiplied (remember times is not a word) by how good a job they did on concealing it, or using a different appraoch in creating a triangle.  Directors are told to get it in there, and they constantly compete to find out who wins the award for "Most Innovative Pyramid Fix."

# II:  Black and WHite logo: I am tired, not going to expand.

#III:  News programming is placed in every film ever made.  They have a bifurctaed purpose, the first is to help make-up for their uncreative abikities ( excuse those who know who u are) because news programing within a film can basically tell what could last an hour via film, can be told in thirty seconds by a newscaster.

Secondly, they insert it to remind people to watch the news... this way they can control what they are exposed to.

-Web Wizard