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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Note the illuminati ONE EYE imagery used in this film poster.  You will find the one eye appraoch across all media outlets.  I beleiev I even created a post deciated to ho9w Hwood will try to get a one-eyed character into a film as often as possible.  This is to pay homage to lucifer - who had one eye. Crazy, right?!?!  I had no idea this was going on - widespread satanism.  HEY - when it comes to religion - I respect - and feel every one should respect others views and beliefs.  I feel that policy holds true here, so , in the end, there is nothing wrong with it, as odd and macabre-ish that seems considering satanism lends itself to be interpreted as being pro-sacrifice of the innocent.
 Okay, I will make this quick.  We will begin with Wedding Crashers - one of the most successful comedy films in the genre- ever.  Brad Cooper was actually good in that film, alng with "Meat-Machine," his only good performances.  Back on track - Vaughn and Wilson - positive vibes - they work well together- they click.

Now, we know they can't work together on all films so they split up: here were the results (outside of alot of crap they did ( e.g.: "Neighborhood Watch").

<<< Both examples, conveniently enought were released in 2011, offerng healthy parity>>>>>>>>>

Wilson:  "Hall Pass."  This film was a surprise - I laughed my ass off -  Richard Jenkins blew me away as Coakley.  Some of the funniest scenes and lnes I have seen in a loooooong time.  Great film - loved it.  7.7709 / 10 (unusually high score for a comedy).

Vaughn:  "The Dilemma.'  What a horrible, embarrassing, humilaiting experience this had been for the viewers, and I am sure the actors, respectively.  I did not laugh once throughout the entire film - up until the 60% mark when I turned it off, hoping to keep my eyeshight in fear of being blinded by the treachery, the terrible waste of film.  However, Wynone Rider had a great scene when she acted - pure genius, when her and Vaughn are at the diner and she pretends to cry - she is a gem.  This film was a shi*-show- completely unfunny - and yes, it is coming - the dilemma must have been having to go forward with this mess ( I did like how the manager who worked under James, switched his screeen from a spreadhseet to porno - while at work - very funny).

CONCLUSION:  After watching both pieces, my appraisal was confirmed after checkking the profitability of the pair.

Hall Pass:   COST  $36 mm      GROSS REVENUE:  $83mm

The Dilemma:  Cost $80mm (adusted for reality)  Gross Revenue: $62mm (adjusted real figures,

Wikipedia lies about the revenue just to stroke all particiaonts ego's - much better to BREAK EVEN, right?!?!?!?  Taking a loss hurts all parties... unlike this blog - which s0peaks the truth - and gives the real deal - wiki and other sites will do what they can to preserve money making potential- keeping things positive.

WOW!  What a difference!  Vaughn takes the "L" on this but - guess who wrote the screenplay for:

Yep! You guessed it!  Vince Vaughn!!

Again, I preach this, and maybe I concentrate on it too much... but really>>??!??  are you telling me that Vince Vaughn is the only person who can come up with a funny script - developed well enough to make into a film>!>!>/?  Out of the total population in the universe... really>>!??!?!

Again, again, this is the fundamental flaw with h-wood.  A saturation of muck yielding torture.  My solution is simple - tour the country - fill stadiums - and do what Amercian Idol does.  The economic rights to intellectual property is really what is of value - and the objuective is not to stealk someone's idea - which would have to be inserted within all associated person's emplyment contract, the idea is to find individuals - to create a brain-trust pool... so each major studio ( Warner, Universal, Sony, Weinstein, Disney) can have this innnovative pool of idea potential.  I feel this will increasde the qulaity of what we are seeing now... plus, rather than wasting special effects on shi*, there could be real synergy and the results could give the entertainment a new name, a new goal to stive for, but more importantly, a new standard.  Sure, they can be creative on where they hide their pyramid... and yes, they can have chcerflags as a logo for a store... and yes, they can hide alien faces in the backdrop... but there will be (the potentially high possibility of a wealth of new ideas for film) really good ideas.

That's my story - oh, and the "supposed" figures on wiki - paint one picture- but ther real numbers for the project look like this:

"The Internship"   Cost:  $66 mm,  Gross Revenue $70mm

Ugh - Eeeewwwhh- another break-even. 

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