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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Illuminati - The COBRA Organization - Its Hierarchy, Its Foundation, & The Opening Scene From: III: "Cobravision" or "Full Force" * unofficial

To begin, we need to understand how the Cobra organization works.  Many of us work for companies that have afixed set of executive officers, each of whom is responsible for their division ( CEO's division is the set of executive officers).  Within each division there is a reporting line; supervisors, middle managers, and employees.

In the army, it's the same or similar.

With Cobra, all of this gets thrown out the freaken window.  So let us begin:

A.  Cobra can be defined as a league of assasins.

B.  Cobra Commander is the Supreme Ruler, the Supreme Leader of Cobra.

C.  Cobra Commander has eight to ten eyes on his head; which inlcudes one in the back, and two towards the top.  This is why he wears the hood - so that he can normalize appearances.  (** See Spores; Golobulus).

D.  Outside of the standard troopers, vipers, BATS, and crimson guard, each ASSASIN has a direct line into Cobra Commander ( Drednochs report to Zartan, the exception to the rule).

E. This is how it works.

F.  In the openeing scene I've written, we view through the camera a perspective from behind the Cobra Commander, as he lounges in his ASP Airship, viewing the jumbo screen where he is conducting his videoconferences ( on sided view-only).  We are able to view The Commander without his mask/hood for the first time.  We see a greenish-pinkish tone to his bald head.  One half-opened eye blinks normally, and IN COMPLETE UNISON WITH THE OTHERS.  We see two more eyes toward the top of his scalp, again these appear to be more half-opened.  These two eyes are directed toward the ceiling, but we can see the eye ball itsled move a bit when The Commander gets excited, angry, or laughs.  He spends most of this scene doing the latter, enjoying having blown up the illuminati city of London - as depcted in GI Joe II.

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