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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Want to See a Film? After All it is Summer, Right? Good Luck Finding One Worth the Ticket. Sneiderman Trial, Chayna Citron, Heating Up... Good Fun... Andrea Sniederman is Actually Hot! Shocker! Sniederman Trial!

I just looked up the current selection of movies available tosee in the theatre - and it just upsets me.  Nothing good - all garbage.  Even Wolverine - going with a story line that caters to the diehards, and not selecting a well-known villain within the Marvel Universe to pair off and fight Wolverine, was a bad move.  I mean, they could have even cast "The Thing," a/k/a Ben Grimm as the villain - at least iot would be something I'd pay to see.  Yes, the film will be profitable.  Yes, all involved (at the high level) will make millions and will deem the project a success- and they will think they are the greatest.  Bad news is, the opportunity cost is massive.  We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars thrown out the window for not giving main stream audiences what they want - a Marquee Match-up. 
I recall buying a comic book series from Marvel way back when - it was titled "Marvel Universe" and all it did - was sort, alphabetically, all of the characters - good and bad within the Marvel Universe.  I could pick out ten - even UNKNOWN villains that could have gilded this latest Wolvy film.  The4y need to tap into the villains - and have Woly square off against someone they can sell... not a japanese guy with a long sword.

Elsewhere, I have discovered satisfaction while watching the Andrea Sneiderman trial.  This is the case of the genius, money-driven widow who asked her boss to kill her husband so she could collect the two million in insurance. 
At first, when you look at Andrea, you notice the large pointy nose, the eggplant shaped face, and the inverted mouth which looks like an infinite upside down smile... but and I am not discounting the aforementiuoned... it;s not like they change at all - they stick.  Yet, when she smiles, AS has these big brown eyes... and she is a little sex pot - sexy - intelligent... she has these hands that are like vulture claws.  During her LE interrogation, she talks about how much money other couples have... "They have more money than we do... Uh, actually, I dont know how much money they have."


Then there's Shayna Citron, probably, after Maria Tissh, the bets witness / individual IU have seen in a trial - ever.  She is animated, and beleievable... well spoken, and has sexy brown eyes.. although a bit of a curled lip given emphasis with red lipstick.  Still, she is hot.

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