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Sunday, May 22, 2016

July 24, 1969: Apollo 11 Moon Landing! <||| Press Conference After Landing. <|||Do These 3 Look Like They Just Landed On The Moon, or That Their Father's Died/ Long time Favorite Pet Dog Died? <||| WHAT DO YOU THINK? <<||| Illuminati - Kubrick Connection. Eyes Wide Shut Release July 18, 1999 - Exactly 30 Years To The Day. |||>>:::::::::::.....................:::::::::


Kubrick had in front of him the offer of a lifetime.  Turn it down?  If so, Nichols, Penn, Brooks, Zinneman, Altman, Freidkin or Bogdanovich would most certainly be presented with the same offer ( Coppola, Scorcese did not establsh themselves as being capable in the 1960's).  Stanley knew those other guys could not get it done.  The filming would coincide with his shooting of 2001 - and all finances would be covered, all technology available, and all control would be his.

Back to Houston.  I am going to make this brief due to its risky nature.

Seriously, do these guys look like they just landed on the moon- and are so thrilled and excited to :

A: Be alive to talk about it- it's never been done before- massive risk.

B: Share the details of their monumental trip?

Not one smile.  These 3 look like they have been assigned the task of informing the public of the Kennedy job, or something similar.  Have a look.  In closing, note the Q+A session, when asked about the stars.

Rather than continue his amazing life by pursuing office, or even the Presidency, Neil Armstrong went home.  He remained their - for life.  In his one of only 2 public comments, at the White House in 1994 for the 25th anniversary, Armstrong closes with:  " are the future,,,and will need to peel back TRUTH's protective layering."


We should have a city built up there by now, if we landed in 1969.  Something is up.  What do we do about?  Nothing.  Now- THAT IS SHOCKING.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Michael Myers : Innovative Ways We Can Enjoy His Return - Halloween Film Franchise Fall-Out

The ideas have been sub-par.  Until NOW... GFU has a clue.

Ten years.

It is time.

My screenplay for "Michael Myers" has him in one of the following settings:

A.  Opening scene occurs at NYC's small, yet tightly-knit Village Halloween Parade.  He is minding his own business when a few drunk parade watchers, dressed in costume like Mike, bump into the wrong body.  The action begins with a drunken Thor, who engages MM.  An alley nearby is where Iron Man, Hulk, Flash, Batman, Superman, and a vampire learn about loss.  Fun for the fans.  The action draws attention - with a fleet of vampires interested in a little action.  Mike has returned.. and he is hitting the five boroughs...looking for peace.  After reading about the big city, and how celebrities choose to live there due to an ability to blend in, Myers decides to see for himself.

B.  Myers jumps the Atlantic and feels Europe is where he should spend some time.  Plenty to play with in the EU.

Let's go!