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Sunday, May 22, 2016

July 24, 1969: Apollo 11 Moon Landing! <||| Press Conference After Landing. <|||Do These 3 Look Like They Just Landed On The Moon, or That Their Father's Died/ Long time Favorite Pet Dog Died? <||| WHAT DO YOU THINK? <<||| Illuminati - Kubrick Connection. Eyes Wide Shut Release July 18, 1999 - Exactly 30 Years To The Day. |||>>:::::::::::.....................:::::::::


Kubrick had in front of him the offer of a lifetime.  Turn it down?  If so, Nichols, Penn, Brooks, Zinneman, Altman, Freidkin or Bogdanovich would most certainly be presented with the same offer ( Coppola, Scorcese did not establsh themselves as being capable in the 1960's).  Stanley knew those other guys could not get it done.  The filming would coincide with his shooting of 2001 - and all finances would be covered, all technology available, and all control would be his.

Back to Houston.  I am going to make this brief due to its risky nature.

Seriously, do these guys look like they just landed on the moon- and are so thrilled and excited to :

A: Be alive to talk about it- it's never been done before- massive risk.

B: Share the details of their monumental trip?

Not one smile.  These 3 look like they have been assigned the task of informing the public of the Kennedy job, or something similar.  Have a look.  In closing, note the Q+A session, when asked about the stars.

Rather than continue his amazing life by pursuing office, or even the Presidency, Neil Armstrong went home.  He remained their - for life.  In his one of only 2 public comments, at the White House in 1994 for the 25th anniversary, Armstrong closes with:  " are the future,,,and will need to peel back TRUTH's protective layering."


We should have a city built up there by now, if we landed in 1969.  Something is up.  What do we do about?  Nothing.  Now- THAT IS SHOCKING.


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