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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GFU Film Review: Kurt Cobain : Montage of Heck, [2015] Score: 6.4254 "Not Bad."

Docs with similar content- hopefully this film will revolutionize how we handle old tapes.. a stroke of genius bringing in animation.  The Cat's POV was magical.

Wow- no holds barred - they even disclosed how he visited a mentally challenged, chubby girl and tried to bang her... when they could have said "Oh, no, we don;'t want to tarnish his image."

"Fuck it.  This is who he was.. and he was great - we tell the story." Hopefully these were the words of Bean.

I wonder what parts they DID cut, and or not apply.  Were there even more embarrassing moments.

You know there were- where there's smoke - there's fire.  If this kid is randomly sowing up at stranger's doors, looking for sloppy sex, then he most definitely got involved with more interesting episodes than "throwing a brick through a window."

Dazzling genius- to animate old tapes.

What's with all of the full body shots of Maranda?  OKAY, we know she's as big as a house, give her a break- cut her a check maybe?  Geeze!

What a wonderful film - especially the sobering interview of Krist Novaceliuc, a man who has seemingly died along with Kurt, 20 + years ago..  He shares highly valuable insight.. just priceless

Thank god Grohl isnt in this, would have ruined it.

Music Industry - High Level Goal - Keys To Success- Less Band Members - THE BETTER. For $ure.

Skynyrd, Chicago, then...

Now.. Black Keys... solo acts.

Ultimately, the industry heads have adopted a strategy focusing on bringing every act down to ONE.
With ONE, there will be no disgareements (G n R) that will disrupt progress and profits.  EVERYTHING is easier with ONE - even the kill.