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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Villain Treasure Chest: Finally, Star Wars Returns. BIG REVEAL - Using Snoke Risky Move Since It Parallels Present Day ( Per One Rumor, viable source). The Illuminati's Big Secret

Thanks to Star Wars, There is Reason to Live-- Villains Worthy of Investing Interest.

How can you top Darth Maul?  He's SUPER SATAN!!  Hellboy aint gotsk no light sabah!

Then, we look at Dooku.  Hmmm looks like Chris Lee to me.  Ah, Grievous, a wasted name.

Now, I know, I can't expect these people to get it right.  I can only covet and treasure ( word of the day) the moments of delight.

Is Snoke a metaphor for the true leader of our world?  Or just those lands where movies are made which used advanced technology to embed alien faces - everywhere?  I PROMISE YOU THIS -- SNOKE WILL SURVIVE THIS FILM.

ENTER: Star Wars Realm Theory- Brief.- VIP Only.
Let's notforget,  Boba Fett became the #1 Bounty Hunter only after a major battle with BOSSK.  The reptilian bad-ass did not make life easy for Boba Fett, and he turned him into what he is today, a master of deception, intelligence, and working the ladies.

So, if Bossk had already been cast in Empire, what's the big deal about the decision to cast a reptile for Star Wars 2015?

The first area- is incompetence- where the hell has Bossk been?  He could have his own film, giving us the tales of his homeland, and his eventual climb to Darth Vader's favor.  This 8 year run - it appeared to be permanent- as while rumors that Boba would follow his father's lifestyle, never really seemed to materialize.  Then, Boba began to make Bossk look bad. Bossk had become fat, and lazy, delegating all his jobs to his team: Ventro Q, Mayjak, and Wreckem All.

By the time Bossk was able to figure it out - he was starting his fourth final year at Vader's coveted right hand man post.  Bossk would not go down without  fight, which gave the other bounty hunters like IG-88 and Cad Bane open season to evidence their highly advanced skill.

Back to my focus here.  We've been introduced to the super satan ( a la Maul), in appearance), we've seen Bossk, how the hell can they beat Maul?  Thy are not going to be able to find a villain to get this thing done.

Snoke is an alien with reptilian features, similar to Bossk, who becomes the first man in the room to kiss Snoke's ass,  Snoke cuts an Emperor -esque figure both with his deliberate pace, and a new interest in catching up with who is good and who is bad, like Santa Claus in a black cape.

"I did it one year, the trick or treating... but the hordes of 8, 9. 10 years cheap-shotted me in the gut.  I zapped 17 or so but had enough once the parents found out and lost complete control of common sense - issuing threats with metal weapons. Regardless, it's clear he can travel in time- an aspect of the dark side we have not seen.  I doubt Vader did not know about it- I am sure he wanted nothing to do w/ hi past- as it crushed him... too painful.


I have been writing for years about how if you use your zoom x4 dvd remote - you can see evil, dark disturbing images in the backgrounds of all films.  This is designed to de-sensitive us. As they are subliminal.  The Total Recall billboard showed a bust of  a man in a suit- w/ a tie.. it is so old an battered that the man's pic, located on top,

The series of images was rejected by you tube - I was unable to post it, publicly.

We have seen a the progression of time occur and with it we have a more aggressive MO delivered by the next gen Xers who are now coming into control.  Still, the important positions will always be held by those in their 50s, 60s and 70s... but more and more we are seeing key positions eing filled by younger, more aggressive pro-Illuminati minds.

Ever stare at the woods or a bunch of buses?  Look for eyes.. faces.. you will see them.  They will not be happy faces... they will be reptilian, evil faces.

We love Star Wars for the villains -

It does not get any better than Darth Vader.

It does not get any better than Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin.

How could they top it?  Well, they had to go to the source:

And onee again, they pulled it off.

WE soon forget - no one can stop these two villains - NO ONE:

And then there's this one- who they killed off way too early.

I live for quality villains who can scare people, and represent a convincing possible storyline amounting to the heroes losing and the villains winning.  This is what I love.  This is what we have not see in decades.

Hollywood is not a body designed to innovate and produce films that include unique, innovative ideas, characters, setting, plots, and never seen before film moments.  No, they realize that humans reproduce- and if they can give each new generation the same films the previous generation had, adding new elements of technology used to improve the experience, they can make easy money.

Red Dawn re-boot

Foot Loose re-boot

Have a loo t all the film re-boots being made just so they can make money from our childre- sets of eyes who have enever seen it before.  Hwood does not care about advancing the art of film, they only want to advance their greed,

So, I looked into the new villain and it took me a few weeks to figure out that Snoke and Snake are similar.  I recently had to take down a you tube video I pulled from Eyes Wide shut - its the scene when Bill shows up with some pastry for the girl who helped him get out of the orgy alive.

It's a kitchen scene - and if you look out the right window- using you zoom button - you see two images - the first is a very unhappy reptilian / snake face looking hard back at me - and the other is an alien having some type of sex act with a minor, most likely.  Well, nine days after posting it, I was involved in a deadly accident and I thought the Illuminati did it.  Who knows.  Being a ou$$y, I too the video down.

The most advious place to go would be to Admiral Thrawn.  He had been the effective leader of the Empire after the events of Jedi.  He did a good job.  Clearly, the terms of the Lucas-Films - Disney Deal involved Disney having no involvement in the content of the next few SW films.  WE evidence this by looking at who they have chosen to be the villain.  Lord Snoke... an alien - a reptilian alien.

These alien images are everywhere- this will be the last piece I write bout how all you need to do is use your dvd remote, use the zoom button 4x and stare at long shots ( these are scenes taken from a distance which show a mountains, forests, skies, etc.  You will see the aliens faces.  We do this to thank them for the technology they gave us.

Now, we are thanking them by giving them the biggest villain in the biggest villain over the past 30 years.

I know very little about Snoke otr the story of this film.  I like how they chose the villain kid Ren:

And I love how the storm troopers have evolved.  There is very little about this world that would make me want to bring a child into it- but this dark side in this film is one positive aspect - the other is "Revenge of the Nerds"  "Summer Rental" and Kurt Russell's role in "Miracle."


Well I will try to get you more info on this - the illuminati have decided to reveal to us their own supreme leader - who THEY answer to - and it ain't any one on the good side of the force.

Be safe...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Why Are Hollywood Films Obsessed With Making Sure There are Either 3 9's or 6's On Screen?

Hmmm...  I wonder why.

Saw it twice this weekend.  First, in Black Christmas (1974) with the street sign having a 66 on one street name plate and 9 on the other perpendicular plate.  Then, in JFK (1991), the bonus disc offers deleted scenes and the date 9/6/91 is permanently dislayed in the lower left for all of the scenes.

You decide.  This is everywhere.

Deal with it.