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Saturday, April 23, 2016


At 5 feet 2 inches, Prince, a wunderkind genius innovated by creating a need for drum machines, and auto sythesizers, allowing him to deliver all in one.

Wunderking Prince, a genius, a precious soulful man... will change the world.

While MJ received a framed cert from Reagin in the rose garden, the satanic, devil worshipping illuminati creeps chose Prince as the one to take MJ down - because like how CM Punk made too much money in WWE permitting him to tell them to eff off, MJ could not, according to them, gain too much control.

Like the Bee  Gees, he wrote hits for others.  Like "Manic Monday" or the Bangles... and "feel for You" by Chaka Khan.... and naming Carmen Electra, this man was a wunderkind, sexually oriented mastermind.

He always wore heels, stated " nothing enters my body that had parents or eyes" Prince had injuries from his performance schedule.  This resulted in a reliance on opiods, one of the largest killers and hidden epidemics in USA- where, money stacked Phrma compainnes have a money stufing lobby , unstoppable.  If the illuminati wanted to activate operation "depopulation" we could enjoy free Opiods.

He was a man who could create, and produce because he was able to enjoy sex with the most beautiul girls in the world.  If you and I could fu%^ the sexiest, tastiest girls in the world, like Shiela E, then we could be wunderkinds too.  It is rewarding... good p&*#^@* tastes good... and it will make you create.  So, as sad as this may be, and tears have been conjured, please remember this man got older, but the beauity and age of his sexual partners remained constant.

Minnesota is a depresing place. Very cold... they call the culture "Minnesota Nice" because all who live there are so friendly.. having been there many times, I could sense both... one time jumping from a cab to get to my hotel faster.  After 5 steps, I froze... and could not walk anymore.

The pic below was taken last month... look how sexy his model girlfriend is.  Would you have a compulsion to be healthy, happy and productive if you could play with this girl behind closed doors??

Finally, the media reported he was crazy when he changed his name.  They did not tell us, WB was stealing his music and money.

He played the part of a puppet, see the 3 eyed glasses photo.

And, I leave yuo with one of the greatest contributions of this man.  My girl,,, his ex... SHEILA E-

Enjoy these two songs.. look how effective the choreography is,,, and how hot the girl is.

and another good one

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Illuminati Wrestlemania 32

See above - the insulting speech. Very sad

Friday, April 1, 2016

How Can You Poison Pill A Film w/ "Greatest Title Ever?" Cast Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex Luthor [Kid Luthor]. Kid Luthor in BOTH Justice League Films? Kid Luthor Until 2020? DON'T JUMP! I HAVE THE FIX...AND IT's GOOD !!

You decide - there IS an absolutely correct answer to this... and also an absolutely wrong answer.  If WB can get $900mm WWide, then they could care less who plays who...I think that mindset is sh** greed and power.  Let's fix it - because guess what- it's fixable [THANKS GOD....]

For those of you who want to get to the secret treasure...scroll down  to "P ar T  I I."  Thanks for visiting... gets quiet around these parts...


The SERIOUS business is a few legs below.  Since a major crises has been fixed (60% of it, that is, but the most important, critical part) I think we should have some fun.

Remember what happened with Superman 97 - that's right , Burton's Dork Superman.. that was scrapped for Wild Wild West.  This is an important moment... it is an excellent example - it reveals how soft, sloppy, and incompetent the people running the show are over there are.  They had Barbara Streisand's hair stylist producing it.  Oh boy.

Plus, with Jon Peters at the helm, financing Batman... only hindsight is 20/20.

Here is a suspect interview- Jon Peters.  I set it - start at 1:26.  He talks about going out to clubs hanging out with the kids.  You can clearly see- he is racked on drugs - completely banged up...wearing glasses..slurring, slow, very monotone- like dictionary defined... probably morphine (in my opinion).  Check t out then meet me down there.
Strange, right?? To me, it sounds like , as a producer , he has seen the worst < or has been directly involved, albeit, regretfully , in the worst of the worst.  Notice his hand movements.  Plus, there's zero % chance he or anyone else would start that kind of a project....  it's like:

PETERS:  "Ya know, pratect da kids..."

Interviewer:  "From who?

Peters: 'Me!  Ha ha ha. no kidding, u, can we h, can we uh,  cut dat out?

OKAY !!!!  Let's go Rescue the Entertainment Industry Again !!!!!

G E N I U S- whomever created this poster.

Here's the rescue plan.

We know about the's BIG,involved about $2 billion on the line, a few blood sacrifices, and dozens of lessons learned by those who were on board with this disgusting joke against film admirers who were hoping WB had enough brain not to make Lex a kid, who's dialogue is a flow of bullshit so fake and forced and riddler like - ugh "Oh, mother of God"   "now, God s good , as dead"  it never changes - like TERRRIO  and Goyer assembled a team of 20 people and commissioned them  to "GOOGLE : INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES THAT INCLUDE THE WORD GOD."

Hypothetical [ using standard screenlay dialogue, easier than written, narrative.  I think.:

Terrio:  "Okay.  We are working on Lex's dialogue.  We've hired the 33 of you to perform the following search engine project.  1. go to a search engine of your choosing.  2. Lycos, web crawler, excite, or any others.. well if you use anything other than ask, bing, yahoo or google, let me know.. you will be fired.  Now, collect all the good ones and put them somewhere... ya know, to store.  Goyer will be here in two weeks - thats' tight, this is a 2 week projct, you guys are getting paid $10k a day each - see - WB is no joke - see what im sayin; sheeeet.  I'm from staten island dogs... where u from dogs?? yo. y., yo.  ok. anyway =- Goyer will meet you here and review with yolu what you have.  Then we will string toegther our shit.. gonna string togethr our sahit... oh no..wait.. I mean...Lex's dialogue.  I am so happy we have Jesse Zuckerberg playing Lex! Is everyone excited like me?  Hey!  happy we have Jesse Zuckerberg playing Lex!

S I L E N C E.. random, single pages flip, turn.

Then, far in the back, by the hallway near the crafts area( high traffic  are, no respect for writers)   All of a sudden, a normal voice speaks softly, but breaking a minute of sheer silence, eve3ryone can hear him:

tell my family i love them.  Give them my check so they can bury me proper.

"Big Gun shot...looks like he took one to the head, " someone nearby says.

"Hey, hey! Can we get this man some medical attention!?  Hey!"

2 Weeks ,,, Later- Time off due to the Suicide.

Goyer:  "Hi guys, I am the other writer.  I actually I am the more established of the writing team.  Spfhh, team!  TEAM!!!  I should be on this solo!  I done Batman Begins with Nolan!  LOOK AT MY PICTURE  ON WIKI... LOOK HOW MUCH OF  BAD ASS I AM- see that pic? I picked that one out!    Okay, we're gonna change things up here- Since you guys are new here, ya know, they bring this kid in, this Terrio kid... and I be honest... I don't know what he's done..."

A chunky hand pops up (it's holding a  hot dog---half eaten)... hyper hand waving from the middle of the army of chairs spread out--One of the temp writers hired by the studio to help Terrio and Goyer give Lex a God treatment.

Goyer:  "Not now.  Uhm, I mean, hi!! hold that thought... first let's start the day by looking at his wiki page... you see?  He does not even have a wiki page.  Now, quickly , toggle back to mine.... see mine? look at my picture... so young..someone sees my body of work- they say hey- what does that tell you?  When you see that pic.. how do you feel?  That's right, you feel good... you feel like, hey... this guy is a winner.  OK...where were we... oh yeah, we are paying you guys out of OUR gross points!! You fucking realize how important that is?"

ANother, different temp worker raises his hand.

Goyer:  Hold that thought, Skip.  Now, as we scroll down using the toolbar.. we toggle down the user interface here... and we come to what we call page 2 .. so everyone scrolling down to page 2.??

All 32 TEMP WORKERS look around amongst one another. Confused looks. Uncertain expressions, although pleasant, as they are being paid by the day, don't give a shit what happens.

Goyer: [Looking around, growing inpatient at these hired workers.]\
  "Oh christ ,goddamit, you will know  when your  are there dammit when you see the word filmography.  You see it?  OK!!!  Batman Begins.... wait, lets start over -- here-can you har me in the back?  1. batman begins  2. dark guys remember that one right?

Heath Ledger won the Oscar... I wrote the screenplay... and 3. WoW!  Dark Knight Back From The Dead, or whatever.  You go back and look at Terri's page when you find time,,,

oh mercy.. look at the time... well, hey, this is what happens when you work on  a big blockbuster like me... ya get overtime, I mean, you run into overages.... eh, restrictions.. but let's get back to those questions, I want to make sure you guys and gals- ya know that I  answer your questions --this experience is nnot about all the money it is about ... YOU having time with ME.! Just make sure you print out that wiki page and show it to your wife okay? ya know, so she knows who the writer is... (cough).

OKay, first question was,,, you - fat stuff.  Go ahead.

Heavy set TEMP WORKER:  Ah, uhm... yeah, Terrio actually penned the screenplay for Argo.  This was the film ,, well, heh, I just remember now... that you brought up Oscars, Argo won for best screenplay, best director... just incredible work by Terrio...he came in actually to give your uhm.. a re-write...

Goyer: Okay guys, see ya net week.  You. ( he says ponting to the fat temp)

Heavy Set Temp Worker:  Who... me?

Goyer: Yeah... you. See me after class.  Okay any more questions, Skip u had a question, right?

Skip escapes--Runs out of the doorway.  He was going to correct Goyer- who lied about them getting paid so handsomely from their gross points, when in fact, the studio - the funds were being paid to them from the contract money, the film's budget.

THE END of Part I

This is a scary thought now, if Argo was produced and distributed by WB - that means - Affleck could quite possibly.. have more of a hand in this film than we think...

So, as you see-the writing... is a collaborative effort...with Terrio giving his treatment after Affleck agreed to getting Terrio to do it.

And it seems certain - that $300k per man had been spent  to obtain the coy, God heavy dialogue we see from the kid.,, as a matter of fact - with $10 million spent - let's have a look:
  1. Because God is spirit...I will seek intimate fellowship with Him.
  2. Because God is all-powerful...He can help me with anything.
  3. Because God is ever-present...He is always with me.
  4. Because God knows everything...I will go to Him with all my questions and concerns.
  5. Because God is sovereign...I will joyfully submit to His will.
  6. Because God is holy...I will devote myself to Him in purity, worship and service.
  7. Because God is absolute truth...I will believe what He says and live accordingly.
  8. Because God is righteous...I will live by His standards.
  9. Because God is just...He will treat me fairly.
  10. Because God is love...He is unconditionally committed to my well-being. Because God is merciful...He forgives me of my sins when I sincerely confess them.
  11. Because God is faithful...I will trust Him to always keep His promises.
  12. Because God never future is secure and eternal.
- Dr. William R. Bright


Apparently, by bringing in Terrio... Affleck assumed about 40% power... you need to see- WB is very cheap... they make alot of shit - like every studio shop on the block - no one is making anything good- they just hope there are enough franchises in the pipeline they can tap/re-boot/ sequelize. re-re-reboot, and and just scrape as much money from these poor Americans as they can - does not matter that the film quality is garbage - we re raising ticket prices.. screw off!

The Casting of Eisenberg will end up costing this film $200mm in lost money - the opportunity cost of pleasing the studio... studio knew Snyder wanted Irons... and Irons was the right choice- but WB ( and , on the collaborative effort themse, when it gets to the film, and the large aspects.. there are 100 people involved --- so it comes down to majority rules.

It looks like this to me:

Not really.

Mark Strong may have been considered because he is bald... but these European, British guys are driving around in beer commercials , bragging about how only British guys get the villain roles... screw that.. well. Screw Strong!


There is a way to fix this kid luthor mess. If we don't get his father in early- we are screwed...

Here's what we do:  If the film does not gross $900 mm- fire all pro eisenberg vote casters...because we will have a chance at them busting part of the ship up..

..and we follow the leader- just like the KID'S GAME, RIGHT JESSE?

We find out that Lex, the true mastermind, is not dead - that his DAD  IS NOT DEAD..EVER SEE A PIC OF THE REAL LEX LUTHOR?  Remember.. "Alexander Luthor" is the kid....  so we kill off Eisnerberg within the first 15 minutes  of Justice League I...

LUTHOR  spends ALL of his trust fund on conjuring up Dark Seid, since he knows everything, from the ship... as an expression of thanks, Dark Side rips his head off and eats it...a sign of him eating intelligence - which is how things work in his world.

ENTER THE TRUE LEX LUTHOR, the evil mastermind himself.,

Two big budget films... spanning FOUR -5 years... who the hell made this call?  Lex Luthor is not a f****ing kid who plays basketball and eats jolly ranchers.  No,...

I wish, it will have to be someone else--- remember the real lex luthor- is out there in the ether somewhere...

Lex Luthor should not be the funniest part of the film.. not in 2016... not in 2020!

Here, have a look... you tell me... am I lying?  WHo would you rather have as Lex Luthor? The evil mastermind villain?

The answer is obvious.

The fix is not... since Irons is already cast.  However, we can find someone good to play a baddie.  Go the Shannon route- find someone like William Hurt- someone with Oscar GOLD... and take it from there.

We have time, as long as the transition is set... thank God they did not screw it all up and show a picture of kid luthor and the old man.

The rest is up to YOU....

Webmaster.... |G|

Really- who would you rather have?  This is 2016, 2020- no more fun and games..time o get sriou about our films