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Saturday, April 23, 2016


At 5 feet 2 inches, Prince, a wunderkind genius innovated by creating a need for drum machines, and auto sythesizers, allowing him to deliver all in one.

Wunderking Prince, a genius, a precious soulful man... will change the world.

While MJ received a framed cert from Reagin in the rose garden, the satanic, devil worshipping illuminati creeps chose Prince as the one to take MJ down - because like how CM Punk made too much money in WWE permitting him to tell them to eff off, MJ could not, according to them, gain too much control.

Like the Bee  Gees, he wrote hits for others.  Like "Manic Monday" or the Bangles... and "feel for You" by Chaka Khan.... and naming Carmen Electra, this man was a wunderkind, sexually oriented mastermind.

He always wore heels, stated " nothing enters my body that had parents or eyes" Prince had injuries from his performance schedule.  This resulted in a reliance on opiods, one of the largest killers and hidden epidemics in USA- where, money stacked Phrma compainnes have a money stufing lobby , unstoppable.  If the illuminati wanted to activate operation "depopulation" we could enjoy free Opiods.

He was a man who could create, and produce because he was able to enjoy sex with the most beautiul girls in the world.  If you and I could fu%^ the sexiest, tastiest girls in the world, like Shiela E, then we could be wunderkinds too.  It is rewarding... good p&*#^@* tastes good... and it will make you create.  So, as sad as this may be, and tears have been conjured, please remember this man got older, but the beauity and age of his sexual partners remained constant.

Minnesota is a depresing place. Very cold... they call the culture "Minnesota Nice" because all who live there are so friendly.. having been there many times, I could sense both... one time jumping from a cab to get to my hotel faster.  After 5 steps, I froze... and could not walk anymore.

The pic below was taken last month... look how sexy his model girlfriend is.  Would you have a compulsion to be healthy, happy and productive if you could play with this girl behind closed doors??

Finally, the media reported he was crazy when he changed his name.  They did not tell us, WB was stealing his music and money.

He played the part of a puppet, see the 3 eyed glasses photo.

And, I leave yuo with one of the greatest contributions of this man.  My girl,,, his ex... SHEILA E-

Enjoy these two songs.. look how effective the choreography is,,, and how hot the girl is.

and another good one

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