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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Great Gene Hackman: Why More Actors Must Follow His Example... Retire... and Get Out of the Way.

Gene Hackman's performance as Little Bill Dagget in Eastwood's "The Unforgiven," brought tears to my eyes.  He is a marvel, an amazing actor.  Love the guy

Think about it...we would be able to enjoy the talent's of so many others... and the RIGHT person will get the part.  Plus, look at "Welcome to Mooseprt," one of Hackman's last films... what a waste.  Simialr to Jeff Brodges in RIPD, we don;t need to be subjected to garbage like it.

This mOscar was not for Gene's work in "The Replacements."  This for "UNFORGIVEN,

That year, 1992, had been one where there were many big performances- and the race for the OSCAR was tight.  In the BEST ACTOR category, we had: Pacino beating Clint and Downey Jr by a handful of votes. 

Even more close had been the OSCAR for best supporting actor - with Pacino (GlenGary) and Nicholson (Few Good Men) falling short of Hackman's performance.

Hey, I am not saying they should retire forver...

Isn;t it strange how only Jack Nicholson, and maybe Terrence Malick are the only people in Hwood who can do what they want.  Al others are hed to account... by a higher power.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


What a mess.  My greatest fear is arriving way too soon.  While we have discussed how re-makes are made to obtain $ from the new sets of eyeballs that never saw the originals, they create a problem.  Same story, tale, plot, and climax.  Un-creative, un-innovative, and disgusting.

Why not bring in people with new ideas?  I think hollywood studios should tour the nation - sort of like an "AMERICAN IDOL" for film ideas.  Let's fix this industry.

Why keep the same old no-talent connected people involved in an industry desperately in need of help.

Look at this film, RIPD.  Poor Jef Bridges completely wrecks his pride and reputation by taking this film on - I am sure he was forced.  Zach Galifianikas had orignally been cast...

Ryan Reynolds is a great example of how few people there are in h-wood - how dirty, small, and poor the talent pool is.

As long as they keep making good horror- I could care less.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Juror B-37 has IQ of Bowl of Rice Pudding- Zimmerman Trial -

What a blockbusting fire cracker.

Juror B-37 speaks and it will probably be a decision she regrets.  She has a literary agent, and she is wrting a book... a picture book for kids, apparently, aged 8-12.  It will never get printed... and it is more sad than anything else.

I could not watch the second half... It is a joke.

She begins with  "I didn't watch the trial," when asked if she was surprised she had been selected.

On Rachel Gentel:  "  SHE did not want to be a part of this JURY."

On how TM was beating GZ  " we know George was gettin beat up because of the witness of Jon Good."

WOW... I am speechless.