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Thursday, July 25, 2013


What a mess.  My greatest fear is arriving way too soon.  While we have discussed how re-makes are made to obtain $ from the new sets of eyeballs that never saw the originals, they create a problem.  Same story, tale, plot, and climax.  Un-creative, un-innovative, and disgusting.

Why not bring in people with new ideas?  I think hollywood studios should tour the nation - sort of like an "AMERICAN IDOL" for film ideas.  Let's fix this industry.

Why keep the same old no-talent connected people involved in an industry desperately in need of help.

Look at this film, RIPD.  Poor Jef Bridges completely wrecks his pride and reputation by taking this film on - I am sure he was forced.  Zach Galifianikas had orignally been cast...

Ryan Reynolds is a great example of how few people there are in h-wood - how dirty, small, and poor the talent pool is.

As long as they keep making good horror- I could care less.

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