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Monday, July 15, 2013

Juror B-37 has IQ of Bowl of Rice Pudding- Zimmerman Trial -

What a blockbusting fire cracker.

Juror B-37 speaks and it will probably be a decision she regrets.  She has a literary agent, and she is wrting a book... a picture book for kids, apparently, aged 8-12.  It will never get printed... and it is more sad than anything else.

I could not watch the second half... It is a joke.

She begins with  "I didn't watch the trial," when asked if she was surprised she had been selected.

On Rachel Gentel:  "  SHE did not want to be a part of this JURY."

On how TM was beating GZ  " we know George was gettin beat up because of the witness of Jon Good."

WOW... I am speechless.

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