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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lithium - The Most Precious Mineral In Our Galaxy

Have a look at this:

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Stay tuned- research underway- webMaster

Hollywood Film Studio Consolidated Holdings Report & Currency Carry; India Khan Experiment Complete. Results in 10 minutes...I mean, years. Now, Let's Help Warners...

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Today, we focus on Warners.  Warner Brothers is one of the greatest entities in history.
They made a poor decision in casting Eisenberg a kid, to play VILLAIN.  I am the author of The Villainer, a ranking of film villains scored every 3 years via private post and referral membership carrying a password which will gain ......anyway, where- okay...yes, WB still has a chance to set Eisenberg as Lex JR, and cast one of the following as the real Lex.

Properties|Assets: Deadpool, FF, Avatar, Cameron
Remedy:  Cash Flow Surge.  Expect more films to employ 4th wall break.

Warner's ||| Time
Properties|Assets: D/C, Affleck
Liabilities: Casting a Lex who scores a 10 on the wimpy list and 1 on the frightening list.
Remedy: See Below

Properties|Assets: Transformers, Cameron ally,

Comcast- Universal
Properties|Assets: Jurassic / Cricthon,  Fast + Furious fillms,

Properties|Assets: Henson, Marvel, Lucas Films, Tigger, too.

Properties|Assets:  Purchased MGM's film library of over 7k titles, the Lion and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Name.  Spiderman License

Lex:  Think serious, sobering.  Walken will work but I would go to someone who is in the industry....and who looks scary, mean, villainous...and review with them the treatment { we have a serious evil man with power and no smile, and a few faults}

  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Louie Anderson { don't laugh-just think about it}
  • Richard Lewis
  • Judd Hirsch
  • Broderick
  • John Candy's Kid
  • Johnny from Karate Kid

Good Luck.  I promise you will hit 1.7 Billion if you assign Eisenberg as junior.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Leader -Up For Best Film of the Year! Salman Khan Returns in...BandhanHindi Full Movies Salman Khan Full Movie-Directed By K . Rao! Narendra Producer! Elite Drama! The Best at This Film Fest!

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