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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Film Review: Star Trek II (2013)

Interesting Pyramid!

Whule the Spock cam,eo by Leonard Nimoy stirred emotions and jolted the film upward - rapidly boosting a favorable score... it turned out to be short-lined.  Things receibed more poinrs when it looked like the russian, Checkov, died due to sliding off the bridge (or warp bay), that also ran short as he managed to surive.

Still, the film always mainatained hope - any film locking a zoom on Zoe Soldana;s perfect ass will usually have the same chances to break the covted 7 to 7.5 tier.

We know Bana pl;ayed a good hard villian inn the first, plus Simon Peg as Scotty - along with Spock and the alternate time-line idea, they all culminated into a great film.

"How can you go wrong with Khan as the villian?" you ask -- heh, well, I ask myself the smae question - ho do you?  Maybe it was the video game scene where Khan - under the view of a long canmera shot, single hadnedly take out a klingon army.  That scne looked like a joke.  As if this guy was Luke Skywalker - and I feel Abrams was going for that effect - since , at the time, the Star Wars writing job was still open - and Abrams knew hot to secure it - for the person who secures that job is SET  FOR LIFE.  Well, he did it, good for him, but as a result, we, the viewer ultimately suffered.

Cumberbatch played his Khan role extremely well... but they should have wrapped up the entire film by the mnidway point - and then - moved on to the 5 year voyage at the 75 minute mark.  We could have at least seen some adventures /battles against a dark klingon enemy - maybe even seen the sister planewt of Nibiru - the military planet - we could ahve seen them return.

In the endm the film was a failure,,, they could not even sacrifice the enterprise without dragging its potential demise on and on and on, and then diverting it in the end.

In closing, perhaps I am asking for too much sonce thios cpould be the origin tale for khan - but wopuld have certainly liked to have seen his ship and his crew - at least gove the guy two sidekicks.

Final Rating:   6.6666;  film falls well short of its title, and even another incredibly satisfying cameo by leonasrd nimoy couldn't shoe up the mistakes that are peppered throughout this one.

NEXT UP:  Pain and Gain, which the webmaster has written about previously.  Finally saw the film... a fun one.  Very funny - The Rock on cocaine is hialrious.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yahoo Alters Logo To Emphasize A More Precise Pyramid on its Y, PLUS - ZAC EFRON REHAB FOR Coke , Painkillers , and how the Media Lies To us To Hide what these people are really addicted to -

Media hides the fact that stars are REALLY addicted to more cosmetic materials - other than beer.
  The first report indicated " Efron was in for alcohol."  And so it goes - the media has been able to manipulate reality ( which, in this case, I applaud them - no need for people to know the truth - it is private).

But people, let's be serious- these stars - like Efron and Seymour Hoffman, they are not hooked on beer and wine.  These individuals have access to the elite level of all types of drugs.

Thus, it is funny how the forst report referenced alcohol.

I am not a fan of the actor, but good for him in getting help, being worth $18 million - I am sure he had a fun recovery.  His new film - the third film titled "Neighbors," just like "Rush" is being uased again ( as the first had been with Jason Patric, Sam Elliot, JJ Leigh, and Gregg Allman) in the 1976 Formula 1 racing film.

Wow, recycling film premises with re-boots is one thing, but not being creative enough to create an un-used name for a film speaks volumes about the total disregard Hollywood has for not being ashamed about how they have failed us in the creativity, and idea departments.

In closing - I feel the upcoming film "Hellbenders," with a OK cast - a set of B+ listers, really signals how bad it is getting - as Hwood has dipped all the way down to the bottom of the tank in finding boring, uncreative, unibteresting material sourced from graphic novels.  A'hem, there's a reason they are graphc, beacuse they have pictures to make up for the sub-par content.  "Hellbenders," looks like shit - such a stupid idea... and from previews you can tell that most of the film is shot at night - which means it was filmed on a studio lot - most likely universal.

Ugghhhh, sorry to have tro DELIVER MORE BAD NEWS WITH RESPECT TO OUR SUFFERING FILM OPTIONS.  IF THERE IS ONE POSITIVE TO BRING FORTH, I WILL SAY, THE FILM "rush" - THE MOST RECENLTY P[RODUCED FILM BEARING THAT TITLE, THAT FILM, STARRING THE INFINITELY BLONDE WIG-CARPET WEARING LIAM h( GREAT AS THOR), THIS film,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "rush" looks like it will be an amazing film experience. The story if Nicki Laudda and James Hunt is a spectacular one - and Ron Howard, who has shit the bed since filming " A Beautiful Mind," appears to have made a comeback.  Please check out Rush, I think you will enjoy it.. either one... so if You watch "rush" when you had initially intended to watch "rish<" you wont be disappointed.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, not like anyone is reading this anyway.

_WebMaster G

P.S.: Rose Byrne is making a big push in Hwood.  Her first feature had been with Heath Ledger in "Two Hands."  I love her she is a beauty.

Pss- If you want to see , possibley the hottest, ort one of the hottest female attorney in the USA - look up Nimi Dexter. She defended the manic Raven Abaroa and he got off, after he killed his wife and tried to make it apear to be a home invasion, even though  the robbers di bit taje anything - all theyb did was kill her so he could get a few million in life insurance - the sick bastard. 
What most likely happened is Raven paid someone to go and do the deed - becaise there are foreign fingerprints and dna at the scene.  With a few million in life insurance money coming - why kill your wife yourself when you can pay some hired, poor guy to paint the walls for you.  Too bad he got away woith it, but the work perfomred by tyhis defense atty was impressive, she is soo sexy.  PLus, she does not dye her haor - as she has grey streaks,.  Imagibe how hot she would be if she  decided to spend $200 at a hair salon?

OK< thanks for reading.  Go Illuminati!  Powerball tonght - should be 13 or 16 I hope. 

Friday, September 20, 2013


Enough is enough.  I have a plan for a script.  Going to patch it up and send it over.

We completely ignore Zombie's disgrace - thankfully, after I suggested on Slash Film that he add Halloween decorations, trick or treaters and the proper Halloween setting -- for A Halloween film - he did it for his sequel. He ven inserted a Halloween costume party.

But we are long overdue, it is time to bring backl the MAN, Michael Myers.

I think bringing him to Manhattan - in an intelligent way - unlike the studio laced FRI the 13th effort in '89 - but we do it real - Kubrick style.

When night falls - Michael Myers emerges...we will have to modify the mask mid film - bringing it back during the second half.

I will get working on this... contact me and drum up suipport.


Love ya,


Monday, September 9, 2013

Nicholson Retires

The Pressure will be on, but he knows he does not need to do it anymore.  Too much BS. Taking orders all day.