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Friday, September 20, 2013


Enough is enough.  I have a plan for a script.  Going to patch it up and send it over.

We completely ignore Zombie's disgrace - thankfully, after I suggested on Slash Film that he add Halloween decorations, trick or treaters and the proper Halloween setting -- for A Halloween film - he did it for his sequel. He ven inserted a Halloween costume party.

But we are long overdue, it is time to bring backl the MAN, Michael Myers.

I think bringing him to Manhattan - in an intelligent way - unlike the studio laced FRI the 13th effort in '89 - but we do it real - Kubrick style.

When night falls - Michael Myers emerges...we will have to modify the mask mid film - bringing it back during the second half.

I will get working on this... contact me and drum up suipport.


Love ya,


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