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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WWE 9.99 ---> Fans Waving Signs That Read 666- Production of Satanic Energy. Are the Signs Planted by WWE??? MOst Likely.

Ah, so harmless.

But is it?

Looks like this:

WWE is most likely pulling fans aside, and giving them homemade signs to wave ( a popular past time at WWF events) that read: 9.99- ala the cost of a monthly unit of programming of the WWE Network.

Known to pump in crowd noise, they WWF/ E  are masters of camera manipulation, and sound manipulation... they are the best at it, in the world!

It is sad, the Illuminati have penetrated the WWF.  Bulls and pyramids everywhere, all wrestlers have a red/white/black uniform color theme ( except for a few jobbers).

The ring is black and white- white ropes, black turnbuckles.


This is disgusting.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams Illuminati Sacrifice - Supermoon Sacrifice

Robin Williams KO's Burt Reynolds, who won the GGlobe for his role in BOOGIE NIGHTS.  Williams; performance in GOOD WILL HUNTING, well, it is one of the best.

Not so fast. Not so fast with the suicide story.  It is 8/11/2014- and there's  meaning here.

We know that before they kill one of their puppets, they will make sure they can get as much money out of them as possible.  This is what we saw with the recently cancelled TV show "The Crazy Ones."

Since when is an Oscar winner on a sitcom?

They marketed the show to the max, hoping to make bank. When the ratings flattened, it was cancelled, and that was the end for RW.

One of RW's great films was "ONE   HOUR PHOTO."   A true masterpiece.

Williams as Cy in ONE HOUR PHOTO.

It makes  little sense, suicide,  especially considering his fortune.  There is  more to this. The Super  Moon took place on August 10, 2014, just the night before.  The Illuminati, the followers of Satan, they will make sacrifices to their lord, and this one looks too suspect.

Numerology Facts arriving and they  are not good.  The 223rd day of the year, and the 33rd week - Skull and bones and Free Mason high numbers, respectively. Too close for comfort.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Relativity Media - Best Example of the Illuminati and Greed-Ryan Kavanagh is a no - talent Greedy POS. Cool Logo though!

Ahhh, Saturn !!

Jon Voight,per his Wikipedia log, has not had any work during 2014. Well, that all changes earlier this week when Voght harped "anti= Semite" to Cru and Bardem for pointing out that War is not always the answer.

Know this, Voight will be starring in multiple limes late this year into next year. Good career move, Jon!

Ryan Kavanagh, the greediest SOB on the left coast, also came out and has decided he will be the leader in this war, as the elite, rich fight it out.

Ryan Kavanag';s Softball Team

Kavanagh is an interesting one.  He is worth 1 billion, and he prides himself on employing a complex, advanced mathematical formula when deciding what films to produce. He refuses to make sports movies ( Moneyball his last, I am sure he would have shelved it if he had the power).

This, per wiki, is his line of thought:

"Sports movies do not make money,"

Can you believe this jerk-off?  So now, the entire world must suffer and never be able to enjoy a sports film ever gain.  The reason?  Well, the 1 billion dollar man will not make any money from it!  Why should he make movies that people like when he doesn't make any money?

C'mon people, he needs more!  What a piece of ---- he is.

Hey, I guess it is a good thing... he would probably ----- up the movies anyway.  I am sure of it.

That's it folks, out ----- for brains, greedy b---- of the week.