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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WWE 9.99 ---> Fans Waving Signs That Read 666- Production of Satanic Energy. Are the Signs Planted by WWE??? MOst Likely.

Ah, so harmless.

But is it?

Looks like this:

WWE is most likely pulling fans aside, and giving them homemade signs to wave ( a popular past time at WWF events) that read: 9.99- ala the cost of a monthly unit of programming of the WWE Network.

Known to pump in crowd noise, they WWF/ E  are masters of camera manipulation, and sound manipulation... they are the best at it, in the world!

It is sad, the Illuminati have penetrated the WWF.  Bulls and pyramids everywhere, all wrestlers have a red/white/black uniform color theme ( except for a few jobbers).

The ring is black and white- white ropes, black turnbuckles.


This is disgusting.

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