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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Casey Anthony: New book called "The Foreman."

Day 13.

Ah, back in the court room. Feels good to be here today, after this morning's mess. I overslept again. The rest of the gang were waiting on the bus for me and I had to change out of my new Scooby Doo sleep gear. I could really use some of that hot, brown stuff now. It keeps me alert. I call it coffee, too. Funny.

It took us twenty minutes to set up two single file lines that will be linked to our corresponding seats in the jury box. I don't think they know about this problem we are having yet. They think we are taking extra time to stretch or to relax and prepare our minds.

As we proceeded into court room, the big, butch female bailiff , who looks like a blonde-haired guy, noted that we were out of order again.

The witness is called and I am getting tired. I found out today that the place we are staying in has a transporter called an elevator. It is better than stairs.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amanda "Angel Face" Knox: The Real Deal.

Not sure why the US media is defending Amanda Knox.  Wait, I take that back.  I know why.  Look at that face... this is the face of the perfect American girl.  If Amanda Knox looked better with a brown bag on her face, I do not think she would receive, what i am going to refer as blind, incompetent support.  It is a great story, really.  Two twenty year old hotties.  One from Britain, and one from Seattle.  Their paths cross in Perugia, a small, cozy little nook in Italy. 
So they meet, they are now roommates.  Things are great during this honeymoon period.  They get drunk together, nad they have fun.  Then that fun period ends... and you begin to realize that you are living with someone... that you have to share everything, and that you are not in control of, what should be, the one thing you should be in control of, your home.

These two girls quickly realized ( three months is all it took before Knox slit her throat) that they are two completely different people.  Knox is an extrovert, she is a show-off, a classc West Coast Babe, who thinks they are the coolest thing around.  Knox would whip out her guitar and play when Meredith was trying to sleep, or study, or even watch the telly.  Knox would leave her huge dildo right out in the open, on a shelf in the shared bathroom.  Knox liked to fuck... and fuck she did.  Kercher was a girl of academia... she was popular, but she was not Foxy Knox. Let's check the tale ofg the tape:

Meredith Kercher:  20, sultry brown eyes, nice brown hair, a great smile, and oh my, that sexy,, sexy british accent.  There's a little secret I will tell you that others will not... becasue they don't know.  Guys find a girl with a britihc accent sexy.  Unfortunatley for Knox, they don't make britihs accents in Seatle, they make coffee.  SCORE:  7.001/10 (Note:  Some pics of Meredith come across better than others. Either way, the brown eyes and the brit accent automatically position her in seven land.)

Amanda Knox:  Damn, let's just have another look, another picture here.  I tellya what, I am having a fantasy about Amanda Knox... and in it she is wearing a tight, striped shirt.  Sometimes, they say, they come back... wait, strike that , I mean, sometimes, they say, if you think hard enough, you can make your desires appear:

The long and short of it is - Knox is KnoxOUT.  She is a babe.  She gets a tan in prison.  The chick is almost flawless.  She gets hotter when she speaks italian.  She is perfecting her italian while in the clinky clink... it just gets better and better.  The US Media is using her looks to win a soft power battle against the italian justice system (which is quite unique, and, I"ll expand).  Thus, we have the tragedy of locking up the best piece of ass to come along in a loong time.
Score: 9.437/10 (without cold sore on lip)
8.4/10, (with cold sore on lip)

Now, what's interesting about these numbers, these figures, these results,and if you look closely, you'll see, is that Knoxout beats Meredith even with a wet, slimy, red cold sore on her lip.  This is just another terrible tragdy.

Let's get into mthe facts (and I'll  make this short- this post has already goten out of control):

MK was murdered by multiple persons.  There were two to three different stab wounds mon her neck and back.  She had no defensive wounds, or marks, indicating her hands were bound behind her.  Rudy Guede is a black drug dealer.  Raffeaelle is Knoxout's boyfriend.  Guede is doing 16 years time for the hit.  He left his DNA at the scene.  He forgot to flush the toilet after taking a dump, and that'll do it to you everytime.  Next, MK did not have a good, close relationship with Guede.  She would not have let him in the apartment.  TWO, Knox lied and said that her boss killed MK.  Why would you even do that?  If you are innocent, you do not accuse other people.  Holy Casey Anthony!
THREE; MK's dna was found on Rafaelle's knife.  FOUR: While MK's friends cried, and mourned at the polcie stations, Knox was laughing, singign, and doding car wheels.  FIVE:  The two roommates hated each other.  Knox was dirty, she would leave the toilet unflushed (if its yellow let it mellow- west coast - water preservation, etc.)

Now, she is free - but I hope new evidence surfaces.