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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Casey Anthony: New book called "The Foreman."

Day 13.

Ah, back in the court room. Feels good to be here today, after this morning's mess. I overslept again. The rest of the gang were waiting on the bus for me and I had to change out of my new Scooby Doo sleep gear. I could really use some of that hot, brown stuff now. It keeps me alert. I call it coffee, too. Funny.

It took us twenty minutes to set up two single file lines that will be linked to our corresponding seats in the jury box. I don't think they know about this problem we are having yet. They think we are taking extra time to stretch or to relax and prepare our minds.

As we proceeded into court room, the big, butch female bailiff , who looks like a blonde-haired guy, noted that we were out of order again.

The witness is called and I am getting tired. I found out today that the place we are staying in has a transporter called an elevator. It is better than stairs.

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