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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Casey Anthony Guilty

Or is she?
GFU is a film blog.  Since the quality of Hollywood productions are disgusting, and the industry is a no-talent real life horror show, I am going to jump into reality.  Unlike things that can be fixed... like an election to replace a blind governor, or a club owner firing a shit for brains manager like Joe Girardi, Hollywood can never be fixed.  Hollywood is a nightmare, the people have no talent, and we cannot do one fucking thing about.


OK... let's have a look at the murder of Caylee Anthony.  It is an enigmatical event... many different arguments.  I will also counter the website Casey Anthony Is Innocent.  I am still trying to figure this freaken thing out.  Maybe you can help me.

Guilty Predicates.
1.  This involves Casey swiping her old man's Henkel duct tape and using it on her little bundle of joy.  Her little bundle of joy has recent;y beem transorming into a big sack of liability.  She can't go out and get sex from her boyfriend enough.  She's been having a streak of tough luck recently and can't seem to get a keeper.  She wants a keeper, so it would be to her benefit to stage a kidnapping and hope the body never gets recovered.  But if that is her goal, a better plating spot for the body would be optimal.  Hopespring represents a drop of convenience rather than intent. Meaning , the if the kid drown, hopespring would be a fit, if she was killed, a better drop would make sense.  Anyway, if she killed the kid, the backup plan would be - if the body were found, to have it link to someone other than her.  So she would use the henkel brand of tape - to link it to her old man.  But if she were playing a kidnapping, why not use regular duct tape?  Then again, it may simply be the only tape available... and more than 1 person owns a roll of henkel, so its plausible.

TO BE CONTINUED... check in as we continue to explore EVERYTHING.

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