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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Got Nominated: Oscars 2012: Tree Of Life to sweep...

Well, a horrible nightmare has come to fold.  Jonah Hill, whose real name is Jonah Feldstein, received an Oscar nomination.  Why do you people find this fat, ugly, no-talent slob funny?  He certyainly has shotty acting skills at best, and it is a tragedy that he has received a nomination.  The Oscars are now the oscars, with a lower case o.

The Academy did redeem itself though, by nominating Nick Nolte for his supporting role in "Warrior."
Nolte turns in a masterful performance, and his exit is one for the ages.  I knew when he had his violetn flashback, and disappeared, that something special would be in store for him.  Nolte has been blacklisted by the Academy since Affliction.

Pleasant Surprises.
No, this is not the pragraph about Moneyball.  It is about Ms. McCarthy who steals the show in Bridesmaids.  She is hilarious and should win - that would be great.

There is an eerie aura surrounding this year's Oscars  - not, not becasue many think Billy Crystal is over the hill and can;t do it anymore.  IN fact, Crystal had such a horrible showing at his last appearance, that it was by by Billy from there.  He went on to buy his way into Yankee batting practice. I mean, really.  Thatw as the year 'Return of The King " swept the oscars.  Rather than embrace the New Zealand filmmakers, he made fun of them. Just returning the favor, Billy.

No, the strangeness will come from Terrence Malick's film "Tree of Life" an unconventional masterpiece that takes the viewer into an experience that will invigorate all 5 senses.  With rummrsof Planet X coming (I mean, isnt it odd that the camera's in Antarctica do not film the sky, but a building?} The Tree of Life addresses how the sun will transform into a white dwarf, and the earth will freeze over.  But if you let you subconsciious take over while you watch the film, you will see that the image of earth and the sun toward the end fo the film, is really a avery large eye.  Crazy stuff. Just how Saturn is an eye... have another look.

I beleiev Malick's film will sweep all categories it is noimintaed for.  Malick will be urged to contiune making films ansd that is why they will vote for him as best director.
Finally, and I will continue to have postings on the oscars as we go - 30 days and counting, but the whole Moineyball issue is smoehting else.  Yes, OK, I feel Pitt deserves the nomination... but there is no chance he will win.  We'll see.



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