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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The End Of Quality Entertainment As We Know It. Amazon Netflix and Hulu to ruin our lives...

Notice how Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are producing stale and old, if not just bad TV show ideas?

It's all down hill from here.

They are doing it to profit off of the millions of people who watch TV.

I don't watch T.V.

Although Showtime was very smoothe this week in playing both Black Christmas films, which I love.  HBO also gave us back to back CLOUD ATLAS last month.....thank heaven.

Don't be fooled by their greed.  The presentation is to bate you into thinking its a film trailer when its just a rat turd show they put together with sub-par talent.

Put your kids in acting classes, it is the job of the future.

AMZN has no money. They are in debt like every other "blue chip."

Why do these companies get to stack on billions of debt while millions of people struggle with poverty?

It is sick.  And I am going to call them out.