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Monday, June 25, 2018

John Tavares - The Last Super Star to play for the Islanders.

Loads of young teenage hockey draft picks!  "Goalie?  No, We Don't Have One Of Those."

The Islanders, the fans may be witnessing what will go down in history as the final days of a franchise.  Decades of losing and playing in an old, run down building left us with a reputatin for being the team you do not want to play for or get traded to. 

Kirk Muller refused to board the plane.

Ryan Smythe wiped out years of wins when he quickly ran away from Long Island at season's end and never looked back.  Not going to write what we paid for that weakling. (O'Marra, Nilsson + 6th overall pick in 2007 draft).

Thomas Vanek pulled off his own deceptive game  and again it left us without the all-star players we paid for ( here, we traded Moulson, #2 overall pick in 2014, and 2nd rounder in 15- great!!).

Then, we pulled the #1 pick.  This would be the only way we could suit up a super star player every night.   We took good care of Tavares, made sure he had everything he needed.  When he needed the car on Saturday nights, we tossed him the keys.

We did it- we had an All*Star on the team.  There was a feeling of "Hey, life is pretty good."

Now, thanks to the only man without a brain to become a GM of a NHL club, Garth Snow, we don't have a goalie - anywhere, to speak of.

Fans think even if JT walks, we can use that money to bring in some good players and we can do this!

They forget that our reputation has not changed for the past 30 years.  Nobody wants to play here- for the Islanders.

Take a good hard look at him as he takes off, you will be looking at the last superstar to ever play for the Islanders.

Ah, the (os)Good 'ole days!  WE NEED A GOALKEEPER ASAP!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

John Tavares : The Nightmare is almost Over- Good Riddance Barclays, THE CURSE OF GARTH SNOW. Sharks Toronto Vegas Dallas Tampa BAy.

Kvasha knew three words of English - he shouted them when he checked people....HE SCREAMS: I AM ISLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tavares has ZERO leadership ability - zero gravitas- conversations remain inside the sandbox...broken leg in Olympics can be targeted, NY MEDIA (pathetic hacks) forgot his contract was up - and by the time the press asked him if he thought about how deadly leaving us to die and rot with nothing in return...when posed that question, the season was over. WHERE's THE GOALIE? WE HAVE HAD TO SUFFER WITH GARTH SNOW BURYING THIS CLUB, and the fact we do not have three fresh 2,5 gaa goalies on the team now because we don't to risk a draft pick - some 18 year old we know nothing about, who will be a succes 20% of the time-- this is all unacceptable- as an Islander commodore - I know if he leaves us with the bag we will never recover and we will be cursed to live in losing season no playoof hockey land for the rest of our lives. I predict he sells out like a p***** and goes to toronto , san jose or Vegas. Barclays sucks, and these hockey players dream about new facilities. Remember Garth Snow trading away four years of top picks to get Ryn Smythe? A week later smythe left- we lost it all. Kirk Muller refused to board the plane...another SNOW JOB with Tomas Vanek........ SNOW- AGAIN - LETTING OKPOSE GO - LETTING MARTIN GO - LETTING FRANS NEILSON GO- the NY media - these writers - they are useles and should be buried alive for letting Snow cement an exit strategy for 91. He is done f*** around - playoffs now- one year deals are in. These five teams know - if they let JT slip thru their fingers, things start to tighten....if they sign the 29 year old- in twelve months the Stanley Cup could be in the den and may stay for a few years. Lamoriello knows he is a failure if he lets JT go - it is his job to grab him, and keep him. IF I HEAR ABOUT ANOTHER DRAFT PICK WHO WILL VANISH INTO THE AIR these picks - big defense, goalie. This would have been done already if I was GM and JT and I would be at the strip club right now.

Friday, June 22, 2018


2019 films[edit]

2019 in Film
Title Studio
Eli Paramount Players / Intrepid Pictures
Ad Astra 20th Century Fox / Regency Enterprises / Plan B Entertainment
A Dog’s Way Home Columbia Pictures
Hellboy Summit Entertainment / Millennium Films
What Men Want Paramount Players / Will Packer Productions
Glass Universal Pictures / Touchstone Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Miss Bala Columbia Pictures
Untitled STX Action Thriller project STX Entertainment
Escape Room Columbia Pictures
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Warner Bros. / Warner Bros. Animation
Greyhound Columbia Pictures / Playtone
Flarsky Summit Entertainment / Good Universe / Point Grey Pictures
Untitled Orion Horror Film Orion Pictures
Dark Phoenix 20th Century Fox / Marvel Entertainment
Isn't It Romantic Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Instant Family Paramount Pictures
The Turning Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures
The Rhythm Section Paramount Pictures / Eon Productions / IM Global
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation
Chaos Walking Lionsgate Films
The Kid Who Would Be King 20th Century Fox / Working Title Films
Fighting with My Family Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Captain Marvel Marvel Studios
Wonder Park Paramount Pictures / Paramount Animation / Nickelodeon Movies / Ilion Animation Studios
Us Universal Pictures / Monkeypaw Productions
Where'd You Go, Bernadette Annapurna Pictures
Dumbo Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Captive State Focus Features / Participant Media
The Translation of Wounds Annapurna Pictures
Title Studio
Shazam! Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema / DC Entertainment
Pet Sematary Paramount Pictures
Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon StudioCanal / Aardman Animation
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Universal Pictures / Team Downey
Breakthrough 20th Century Fox / Franklin Entertainment
Spies in Disguise 20th Century Fox / Blue Sky Studios
Untitled New Line horror project Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Penguins Disneynature
Playmobil Global Road Entertainment
The Aftermath Fox Searchlight Pictures
Untitled Avengers film Marvel Studios
Detective Pikachu Universal Pictures / Legendary Entertainment
The Rosie Project TriStar Pictures
Ugly Dolls STX Entertainment / OddLot Entertainment / Troublemaker Studios
The Hustle Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
John Wick: Chapter 3 Summit Entertainment
The Sun is Also a Star Warner Bros. / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
A Dog's Journey Universal Pictures / Amblin Entertainment / Walden Media
Rocketman Paramount Pictures / Marv Films
Aladdin Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Minecraft Warner Bros.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Warner Bros. / Legendary Entertainment
Untitled Blumhouse Productions film Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Charlie's Angels Columbia Pictures
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment
Men in Black Columbia Pictures / Amblin Entertainment
Son of Shaft Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Toy Story 4 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Pixar
Cowboy Ninja Viking Universal Pictures
48 Meters Down Entertainment Studios
Title Studio
Untitled Spider-Man film Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios
Untitled Annabelle: Creation sequel Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Top Gun: Maverick Paramount Pictures / Skydance Media / Jerry Bruckheimer Films
The Lion King Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Untitled WB Event film Warner Bros. Pictures
Hobbs & Shaw Universal Pictures / Seven Bucks Productions
The New Mutants 20th Century Fox / Marvel Entertainment
Dora the Explorer Paramount Players / Nickelodeon Movies / Walden Media / Platinum Dunes
Artemis Fowl Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Columbia Pictures / Heyday Films
The Grudge Sony Pictures Entertainment / Ghost House Pictures / Good Universe
Good Boys Universal Pictures / Good Universe / Point Grey Pictures
Overcomer Columbia Pictures / Sony Affirm
It: Chapter Two Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema / RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film Universal Pictures / Working Title
The Kitchen Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema / DC Entertainment
The Angry Birds Movie 2 Columbia Pictures / Rovio Animation
Little Universal Pictures / Will Packer Productions
Abominable[70] Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation / Pearl Studio
The Hunt Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Title Studio
Untitled live-action Disney film Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Gemini Man[73] Paramount Pictures / Skydance Media / Jerry Bruckheimer Films
The Goldfinch Warner Bros. / Amazon Studios
The Addams Family Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / The Jackal Group / Cinesite Studios
The Crow Reborn Columbia Pictures
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Paramount Players / Nickelodeon Movies
Untitled Blumhouse film Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
You Are My Friend TriStar Pictures
Wonder Woman 1984[80] Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment
Untitled Disney live-action film Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Bond 25[82] Metro-Goldwyn-MayerUniversal Pictures / Annapurna Pictures / Eon Productions
Death on the Nile 20th Century Fox
Margie Claus[85] Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Sonic the Hedgehog Paramount Pictures / Original Film / Paramount Animation
Untitled Will Packer Film Universal Pictures / Will Packer Productions
Terminator Paramount Pictures / Skydance Media / Lightstorm Entertainment
Frozen 2 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Walt Disney Animation Studios
Untitled Blumhouse film Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Masters of the Universe[92] Columbia Pictures
Star Wars Episode IX (title TBA) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Wicked[94] Universal Pictures
Superintelligence Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema
Call of the Wild[97] 20th Century Fox / 20th Century Fox Animation


2019 films[edit]

Animation, Family

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Halloween 2018- What a nightmmare - McBride and Co. are re-booting H2O!!!

This is sad.  They've had over a decade and this is what they came up with?  A REBOOT of H20?  We already saw Curtis kill Myers/   You guys suck.  See mmmy previous post on how to handle Michael Myers.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

THE PROBLEMS WITH INFINITY WAR : ISSUES, MELT DOWN, COMPLAINTS, SLOPPY, CARELESS, This Could Have Returned the Film Medium to the Top- Failures Listed.

Cap Beat Stark in 'Civil' but Infinity War writers, directors unable to see the value of this ( he throws 1 punch, block 1 punch- that's it!) or of a tag team reunion w/ Tony to take on Thanos

Wiping out multiple characters [even with their resurrection pending Avengers 4 time-stone rewind] diminishes the value of each character's demise...making every incineration meaningless...and of little value.  Loki's death kicked this thing off well...but when you take out too many there's nothing important about any of their ends since they'll all return...

Nobody pulled Banner aside, stood him up, and said it's now or never or we all die.  Stark leaving him behind, indifferent, going it alone "take the fight to Thanos."  I thought he had intellect- there's no plan, almost absolute certainty of failure- what w/ all that nanotechnology you can't make a phone call - makes for a great reunion w/ Cap if they could tag team Thanos.

Banner in the Hulkbuster w/ as much experience as some idiot on the street or even a scientist w/ no previous experience.

Hulk fights Thanos- who is fully armored up - after three seconds he turns coward, no desire to fight/smash...I don't know how you can fuck up the Hulk--but they did. It's bad, it's sloppy.  Hulk CGI looked weak and soft.  No round II.  [again, setting up Avengers 4].

The voice for Maw was high pitched and sounded too human.  Should have been deep , dark, and stirring.

Black Dwarf little dialogue, never speaks.  We never get Black dwarf/Cull Obsidian(renamed)  VS. Hulk -  what we really want to see.

Thanos' travel via portal unexplained- Steppenwolf had a boom tube.  Whys is Thanos' nose so TINY??

Scarlet Witch, most powerful Avenger, never has a chance to fuck with Thanos.

Soft Captain America vs. Thanos- that could've been a key climactic moment- Cap beat Iron Man in Civil War.  1 punch and 1 block is how you make a fight look dull - it   could have been a good exchange.

Groot/Rocket unweaponized...figure they would have a warchest, especially rocket.

The score was overly excessive - taking the need for a score to whole other level- there are plenty of moments when it got in the way, sounded like star wars, even the terminator.  OVER THE TOP.  No need to drench a film with music...use songs, sparingly.

Gamora stressing the importance of sacrifice...even going so far as to try and self-terminate...but when her half sister, Nebula, ( where the relationship is possibly mixed-even w/her as anti-hero) when Nebula is getting dissected and the fate of the universe is on the line, Gamora says "Fuck it.  Kill half the universe.  At least my sis Nebby will be alive.  The souls stone is three rocks over!"  Kind of contradicts everything.

Quill, who I enjoy, I think he is smart enough to wait for the gauntlet to come off.. then unleash frustration- could have been a nice opportunity to see Thanos try and overcome them without the stones...make him earn it.  Throwing the moon was great.

Absolute best moment, IMO, is when Thor shows up -after hammering in Thanos says " I TOLD YOU!  YOU DIE FOR THAT!"  What a great fuckin' line... shows these guys have the best potential in the world.  Wish they could've developed this longer - it really could've been something special.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

‘Brad’s Status’ , [2018] Score: Ten Minute Walk Out ; Failure…IN THE FLESH Encounter.

Oh, God!  Run!

“Make sure you keep realism very close.  In film, be real…but never be boring,”

                 --Stanley Kubrick

Depressing, sad, boring, nothing of value, and massive missed opportunities at laughter when the audience …when they really needed it most.

How does one charge money for this? 

Stiller is a comedic genius.  When I saw the scene cut rather than let him enjoy an encounter at the hotel lobbey for check-in- when shit can go wrong..that’s when I knew I’d be better off with a…shotgun to the face the way this thing was playing out.

C’mon guys.  You work in this industry because you have valuable, creative, inventive ideas-not because you know how to green-ligth a project worth nothing of material substance, or value.

I am holding out until HALLOWEEN 2018 returns.  If you fu*k that up, I am coming in to clean this up.

Friday, January 26, 2018

ARBITRAGE AT THE TOP: Alphabet makes $70 B more than AAPL

GOOG - ALPHABET vs AAPL two yrs fin stmts] CASH 19.4 B 48 Net Inc. 86 74 DEBT!!! 4 115 GOOG makes $70B more/yr.... so if AAPLs mkt cap is 878, GOOG at 817 still has room to rise