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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Michael Myers : Innovative Ways We Can Enjoy His Return - Halloween Film Franchise Fall-Out

The ideas have been sub-par.  Until NOW... GFU has a clue.

Ten years.

It is time.

My screenplay for "Michael Myers" has him in one of the following settings:

A.  Opening scene occurs at NYC's small, yet tightly-knit Village Halloween Parade.  He is minding his own business when a few drunk parade watchers, dressed in costume like Mike, bump into the wrong body.  The action begins with a drunken Thor, who engages MM.  An alley nearby is where Iron Man, Hulk, Flash, Batman, Superman, and a vampire learn about loss.  Fun for the fans.  The action draws attention - with a fleet of vampires interested in a little action.  Mike has returned.. and he is hitting the five boroughs...looking for peace.  After reading about the big city, and how celebrities choose to live there due to an ability to blend in, Myers decides to see for himself.

B.  Myers jumps the Atlantic and feels Europe is where he should spend some time.  Plenty to play with in the EU.

Let's go!

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