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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Andrea Sneiderman Verdict - Guilty! Home Girl Set To Do Hard Time On The Block.

Well, another fun trial wraps.  This time, we close the book on the Andrea Sneiderman trial, representing the fine state of Georgia.  Thankfully, the jury got it right - and as Lady Gaga's new self serving song "Applause," indicates, applause to them.

Difficult to believe Andrea didn;t know what was going on.

Remember the story about Rusty finding a guy hiding, pretedning to sleep face down on the side of his house?  Well, that was Heny and it appears that was , in the spirit of "No Pain, No Gain" it was a botched job... as Hemy had a gun and the plan Andrea hatched involved him getting the bullet right there on the driveway.

Congratulatons to the state of Georgia... and to Judge Adams... they got it right.  Now, Andrea, who I found to be appealing... can sit in prison knowing she has $2 million in the bank from the life insurance policies she wasted ZERO TIME filing for ( that in itself is a red flag).

How painful it will be for Andrea, already in shackels as she waddled from the witness chaor to her defense table after selfishly trying to explain to the judge, expsoing her kids, that he would be punishing HER KIDS by putting her in jail... that it is now the court's fault , not hers.  How she has never changed.

andy Thompson, the bumbling, in-over-his -head, border-line incmpetent, crap0 for brains detective who dropped the ball oin the case.... well, we learned about him.  It took us thiorty seconds to find out how much of a moron he is - right when they hit the play button on the intervivew she gave.

"I have a system, that;s how I file it (me, me me me me me me ), but I will compro- I will improvise."

Then he goes on to explain to Andrea how, as she just lost/had her husband to 4 bullets to the head, how he recently lost his grandfather, and how he understands... is he for real?!?!?!

Excellent job by the constanlty annoying Clegg - Thompson was given the name Hemy Neiman - and rather than ask any relevant info about him, he asks if he is bald (like thompson, me me me me me mentality - I NEED tio know!), asks if he is fat.  WHat a complete idiot!  Hysterical to watch, as he prouldy displays his lack of skills.

Shayna Citron - loved her. She was the star of the show.

DA James, slow start - great closing - earned his title.

ADA sexy white girl - wow!

Plemty more - just cant think of it right now.


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