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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Yahoo CEO Gives ILLUMINATI POSE !!! Yahoo Exposed!

Well, well, well, it isn't the tempting, risque, or exotic, unorthodox aspects of this pose that draw my attention.  If you look closely... you will see it.
In fact, as we know, under Illuminati in Film Rule #1 - pyramids are found in all films.  We know that film directors compete with themselves, secretly, in instituting the most innovative, creative way of incorporating a pyramid into a film.  From Stephen Summers "I don't give a shit" appraoch, as demonstrated in GI JOE I ( during Baroness vs. Scarlett fight, there is a car triangle, smalll red triangle used for when you change your tire, to alert others ... safety) to Cunningham , Ron Howard, from Happy Days, who used a patio ledge's point to insert a pyramid (in the terrible film, the dilemma)... they are all over.

Even here.

If you look closely, the new CEo offers her insider salute (bravo baby!) by forming a pyrmaid with her left arm.  Now, there is nothing wrong with it... it is just funny to see it here- in this pic.

The pyramid symbolizes how it is better to keep all the wealth and all the power to a select few, and its use promotes the philosophy that it will always be this way.

She may have cursed herself by doing it.  If she wants to make  a positive impact, she should do less to make it known she worhsips lucifer, and more to bring more attention to the incredible value "Yahoo Answers" will have in yahoo's long run success - and how spedning more time on yahoo answers will build shareholder wealth and will return yahoo to the #1 spot over google.


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