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Monday, August 26, 2013

Illuminati Punishes Beiber - DK's Him From MTV VMA's.

Shocker!  Huge, stunning event.  How is it possible?  Here we have the music industry's youngest, most successful talent, who conducted a world tour ( well, I know he did a bunch of shows at the o2 arena) that earned millions...

But where was he at the MTV VMA's - the showcase of the illuminati - one where they have more creative control than the grammys... no Bieber.

Instead, we get an overload of timberlake - as if he is the god of the universe.  I don;t see it, I think is an awful actor, and I think his music is for girls, and marginal at best.

Did the illuminati punish Bieber?  Has his recent behavior caused the powers that be to check his own power - and let him know who is in control?

Clearly, something is up.

Miley Cyrus took to strippin on stage - stealing the show! How about the prison strioped suit worn by Robin Rick?

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