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Friday, August 2, 2013

# III : Time To Open Hollywood's Treasure Chest of Secrets ----->>>

Let's Re-cap:

#  I:  Pyramids:  At least one will be skillfully, clandestinely inserted - PROMINENTLY within the film.  They use this image tp brag and boost their ego's.  It also generates energy, in accordnace with their doctine, as the more people unknowingly see multiplied (remember times is not a word) by how good a job they did on concealing it, or using a different appraoch in creating a triangle.  Directors are told to get it in there, and they constantly compete to find out who wins the award for "Most Innovative Pyramid Fix."

# II:  Black and WHite logo: I am tired, not going to expand.

#III:  News programming is placed in every film ever made.  They have a bifurctaed purpose, the first is to help make-up for their uncreative abikities ( excuse those who know who u are) because news programing within a film can basically tell what could last an hour via film, can be told in thirty seconds by a newscaster.

Secondly, they insert it to remind people to watch the news... this way they can control what they are exposed to.

-Web Wizard

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