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Sunday, August 13, 2017

24 hr news cycle - yeah, nice attempt to pretend the industry may be the mostunfortunate area one can be.

We now return to the news... again...and it is still in progress.  We are almost at hour 2  with three (mike cut by prodcuer)

This a major moemt in time when we can learn more about the truth not the fuc*ing lies.

There hasn't BEEN ONE PUBLISHed OVER THE PAST 10 HOURS THAT HAS NOT REPEATED THE SAM E - zero value garbage.  80% of all sites that can use this rare, public shit flying a;l over the placw mess.

I am going to check slash film- if thye have published on the never seen before type climax , worth producing and sharing, then slashh fim must fire half of all staff.  Any site that has an editor who thinkns this news is worth more than a giant shit metor ihitting him but boucin\g nad keepiinghom close with gravity as he fries form the acid.

WHO GIVEA A SHIT IF HANDSWAS TGHERETO JUST shake hands withe everryone on all thier money and checks due.

WB is paying off silence -let's take alook at who is the new number 1.

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