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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gotti Film - principal photography to begin in Jan of 12.

"What i gotta do? Push a button?"
It's always good news when a film about Gotti gets made.  Travolta appears to be the drive on this one.  Thank you, John Travolta.

It will be interesting.  He was in Queens on Friday watching some old family video.  John Gotti looks like a king of sorts. The personal barber, the suits, he's got class.  In reality, he talks like a street player.  There's nothing wrong with that - I mean, how did you expect him to talk.  The FBI always said that the conversations he had, they they intercepted, were hours and hours about betting on games, NFL, and horses.  That's it.  He woke up at 11 am everyday.

OK, I'll stop getting "into it."

Sad news that Pesci turned down the role o GasPipe Casso -a real, feared, Badass.

He should change his mind.  Gotti and Gaspipe both wanted eacjh other dead.  They were the two most feared men in the NYC Mafia.

Looking forward to this!

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