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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Fix Yahoo - How To Transform Yahoo Into A Mega-Stock Worth Considerable Investment of Third Party Capital- In 1-- words or less - sort of...

It is absolutely amazing to me.  I was on the yahoo page the other day, a site I visit maybe twice per month through manually desirec key entry.  The one feature of Yahoo- that makes it such a great portal (outside of its Fantasy Games, which I stopped playing about four or five years ago) is YAHOO ANSWERS.  Well, I arrived at yahoo,com - and I wanted to see how YHOO was advertsing this medium, which will become on of the most imprtant features of web-searching by humans.  Guess what?  It was nowhere to be found.  No wonder why the stock is trading below $15 (approx).  Listen, when someone uses the Internet - they each have theor own sets of reaons.  Learning is one concept that the Internet was designed for.  People use search engines to find news, sites, inforamtion, maps, directions... and they use to to obtain answers. 

Millions of Americans type in a question into their search engine  What do the resuts spit out?  They give you a  historical look at people who have asked that same question in the past.  MOstly - it is on Yahoo answers.  Yahoo Ask, Yahoo answers is an exellent forum that will become one of the most valuable treaures on the INternet ---->as years pass by, and as inforamtion and humand evolve, the asnwers will be stored in 1 central location - Yahoo answers.  Oncde there, they can always be improved upon, adjusted, modified -but one constant remains - they remain stroed at Yahoo answers.  So when that one question gets ebtered in the search engine on day in the future - guess where they will be able to reflect upon people in histroy who have been under similar circumstances, who have shared common events, who have experienced what this new individual has just experienced and would like to learn more about.

There you go.

Why yahoo has not figured this out is a mystery.


The Gajonka

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