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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quickie Film Reviews: The Counselor Ridley Scott Thor Dark World Dallas Buyers Club Hunger Games II

Another impeccable performance by Javier Bardem- could be the #1 actor in the world right now.  Be sure to check him out in The Counselor.


Ridley Scott has blessed us with this one about drugs, greed, sex, and Mexican muscle.  Cameron Diaz turns in one of her best performances since "The Box," as Malkina, the one who wears the pants in her relationship with Bardem, who is hysterical as Reiner.  This guy is unstoppable as an actor, pur joy... and here we see him laughing when Counselor asks him a serious question... just for no reason... it is priceless.  There is a lot of sex innuendo in this film, and I can see how many felt it off-putting.  Fassbender says "Life is being in bed with you, everything is is just waiting."  Deep statement which describes a fuck-fest relationship with Penelope Cruz... and who can disagree with that statement... so true. The Wireman is good and the winding garrote that gets Pitt is such a pleasure - I had to watch it twice.  Poor guy - teaches us a lesson - always wear a pocket knife as it could have saved this guy.  Bardem elevates this film, which does not focus on drugs so much... and it marinates very nicely after viewing it. 

Score: 8.0900


 Ugh... forgettable

Score:  4.0869

Hunger Games II

Child's play. Nice to see Hoffman work his magic, though.

Score:  5.0433

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