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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Equalizer: Masterful Moments Burned Bad By Bitter Ending.

Sure, we start slow... but enter a nasty, hard-ass soundtrack, and a good and evil villain... and we've got contact.

Ever wonder why directors choose to film endings in the dark?  So many films will not only end in the dark, but even spend all 120 minutes in the shadows.  This is done to shield poor quality... as in if their is a radiant light, it'll look like sh^t.

Unfortunately, and for reasons best described as unnecessary, "Equalizer" closes in the shadows,,, there's even a fight between two bald guys and you have no idea if its Denzel or the other guy who is getting hit.  The director chose... poorly.

What a ride... and the soundtrack hits... as does Denzel.  A fine film... one that peaks at 60 minutes, then kind of craps out towards the end.  Here's a chart - assessing the score at 15 minute intervals.

The Equalizer : Score in Quarter Hour Intervals
15 5
30 7
45 10
60 10
75 10
90 7
105 6
120 5

The film's assets offered potential for a masterpiece.  Its faults arrived, however, and it was a huge wave of tidal woe.

FAULT:  We are introduced to a clever villain.  He is dangerous... and after he unleashes on "little john" we set our sights on the inevitable joy: a final showdown against Denzel.... who had just wrapped up a five man route at the Russian club.  The film runs and despite any negatives, drawbacks, we hold firm, and issue a grip of pleasant, eager optimism since we know there will be a final battle between these two... between good... and evil.  What do we get?  A cheap cheat, taken from Indiana Jones... as there is no fight, just a trigger getting pulled a few times... and it ruins everything.

The film and its director, Fuqua (from Training Day) then tries to win me over, knowing the soundtrack has earned points,,, by playing the lyrics to the song from "HEAT." an essential component to any serious library of film soundtracks.  He does this right at the end,,, and it is welcome... and it is needed.

Still, an enjoyable ride... it is just a bit sad that all of it had to be thrown away - like crap to a wall, by filming in the shadows... and most notably, cheating the audience of what could have been one of the great fight scenes ... possibly ever.



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