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Friday, July 8, 2016

Long Overdue, But WE As Americans Must Find a New Adjective...Yes, It Is Time To Retire AWESOME...ITS USE HAS NOW ENTERED "The Completely Out Of Control Zone" Please.

I recently complimented a man who shared his experience working for Prince via You Tube.  I commended him, and emphasized how satisfying it was to sit throughout over an hour of entertainment and not have to hear the over used word "Awesome."

Born near 1999, the Awesome phenomena has now infiltrated each average Americans vocabulary.  It is their "go to" word.  Merriam Webster has it rated as within the top 10% of words used in the English language by US citizens!

Enough is enough... it is pathetic.

Here, I have equipped you with Merriam's formal definition along with Thesaurus-based alternatives.

By using awesome, you are confirming yourself as an illiterate, uneducated idiot.  Please help me try and get this word back to the 60-79% level where it belongs.  Not in the top 10% of words.


  • : causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe
  • : extremely good

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