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Friday, May 19, 2017

A look at my 2014 DEEP post on Saturn, the Cassini kamikaze mission...and what i refer to as proj lucy


The Cassini mission is to last 11 years.  This robotic spacecraft is powered by sufficient plutonium to do some major damage. According to numerology, 11 is the elite number,,, playing second fiddle to only one number... 1111.

Entry Saturnalia:  June 2004
Mission Sacrifice Date: July 2015

Start of mission
Launch dateOctober 15, 1997, 08:43:00 UTC
Alternative Mission Timing - This information is extremely sensitive,,, as it will represent an important date... most optimally to coincide with either an equinox, and eclipse, a full moon, or a blood moon.
Mission durationElapsed:
17 years and 28 days from launch
10 years and 28 days at Saturn

En route: 7 years
Primary mission: 4 years
Extended missions:
 Equinox: 2 years
 Solstice: 3 years elapsed
Expected end of life: 2017

Important fact - Galileo detonated 47 lbs of plutonium ["pluto"] 238.Cassini is carrying 73 lbsof pluto, with 15% of it Pluto 239- the nuke pluto.  This is not good.  Almost double the payloader - with spiked plutonium... wtf?!  They state that pluto has become almost impossible to find,a scarece resource.  The more we advance, the more sinister this becomes. Let's see some of the images Cassini is capturing.

So we have one year left of surveillance.  Cassini takes pics of not only Saturn , but of its many moons.  Here's a look at some of her work:

TITAN- This is the moon that most accurately correlates to Earth.  Plan Saturn Vorsix involves detonating the Cassini Orbiter into Saturn, which will create enough heat to thaw TITAN, making it inhabitable.

Let's have a look at the landscape of the Cassini orbiter's project:

This slide show offers multiple images of the area... this scared area worshipped by satan's followers??

As we can see, of the 31 moons Saturn has in tow, Titan is the biggest ( top image shows relative size, where the bottom pic shows exact location from the great planet).  In addition, and this yields an acceptable level of credence to the Vorsix plan, Titan is safely located the furthest away from the planet... a safe distance.  Interesting to note - along with Titan and Pheobe, Iapetus is also located furthest away - and this moon exhibits unusual traits - characteristics that lend itself to possibly being a space station since it has a wall as its equator, and it appears to have the exact features of....the death star.

Let's move on...

Close-up image of Rhea's surface
[Click to zoom in, and resume slide show]

If we were to advance toward Saturn, Rhea is the next moon furthest from the most distant set of moons described above. (Titan, Hyperion, Iapteus, Pheobe; Micke Rourke's  character in "The Immortals" is King Hyperion.  Everything about Saturn is worshipped by the elite in hwood)

Project Lucifer is the plan to explode a planet and create a star,,, one with enough power to give us sun...a second sun.  24 hours of sun!!!

After Tethys, the next planet inward is Enceladus, shown here close-up, courtesy of Cassini.

PROJECT LUCIFER was first attempted with Jupiter when they tried to explode its own orbiter, Galileo, also equipped with plutonium, into the Jovia system in 2003.  After its 14 year mission, the plutonium loaded space craft was sent crashing into Jupiter but, as it played out, there had been insufficient plutonium on board to get the job done.

The small circle on the left are Prometheus and Pan.  Interesting named moons!

The official statement - as to why they needed to send Galileo on a kamikaze mission was given as follows: "In order to avoid a collision with Jupiter's moon, Europa, the orbiter was directed into Jupiter for disintegration.  Europa is mostly frozen, and there may be life on it."

This is an amazing theory.  Do you think the same line of BULLSHIT (thought) will be used when it comes time to kamikaze Cassini? Ha!

Let's have a look at some of Cassini's snapshots of the sacred planet:

Ahh, see that little pixel? Earth!

Since Galileo required additional plutonium (which also serves as its power source) to do the job right, many in the space community have noted that Cassini is packed with an enormous amount of plutonium, sufficient to take care of business, and erupt the planet.

A look at the blue hue up north.  That huge moon we see is - yes, you guessed it - Earth II - a/k/a TITAN

Many questions remain, let's examine this.  We fast forward in time to July , 2015.  The 11 year mission is up.  Preparations at home have been completed, as they have had ( most likely the elite, the 1%, the ILLUMINATI) 11 long years to complete the underground excavation that began with the Galileo mission back in 1989.  The date arrives, and after activation, Cassini is sent on its Kamikaze collision course with Saturn.

Saturn offers two excellent entry points.  Where to enter ?   The north pole or the south?

Here's a look at its South Pole - the eye! CBS uses this as its logo.  How did they know? Something strange is going on.

The honeycomb, volatile, hexagon north pole. This is also what a 3D cube looks like.  So sacred this image/// could it be because they know what is going to happen?

Clearly, we can see that the team has a difficult task ahead of them - with Cassini's help, they will obtain the information the need to determine which pole will permit the most devastation.  While the south looks like a nice small, concentrated sweet spot, the North pole looks aggravating, and it appears that any slight disturbance could trigger some major damage.  I would go north!

Day 1:  Okay, let's say north it is.  The explosion is ignited and the plant explodes.  News programs everywhere carry it ( we would hope in a timely manner, but I doubt that).  Let's say it would take three months, most accurately for the debris to arrive here on earth, in the form of a catastrophic, meteor storm from hell.  This marring disturbance will most likely be withheld from the public for a month, giving the elite 30 days advance notice so they can make their preparations.

Day 32:  While the elite scramble to their regional underground bunker cities, and decide whether or not to have a hot tub or play basketball. All is well for them as they have already secured their items of wealth and power.  Us?  This is what we will be doing... the rest of us will be at the will of the local traffic light... watching it... as we find ourselves in the worst traffic of our lives... we observe the light going from green to red... with  the car not advancing one centimeter.

Well,the story doesn't get much brighter from here, folks.  With meteors the size of a house slamming into earth, one would need to be a long way underground before they can breathe easy. It is frightening to think about.

Day 45: Okay, so we have 45 days to go, and at least we can enjoy the second sun!  So wonderful, they even named it Lucifer  (the light bearer) after Satan!  All of Satan's followers meet at the local Free Mason lodge and party it up.

Not to far from Lucifer, Titan can be observed beginning its long awaited thaw.  VorSix has been activated.  The elite drool at the though of all the gold and platinum still resting undiscovered on Titan.  The greed bastards do what they do best-

With Lucy lit, Titan will thaw out nicely, like a fresh porterhouse steak.  This will fill the seas, and clear the shores.

The development team begins its plan to explore Titan.  Elite lotteries, of all exotic types are conducted by the elite as they bid on land, rights, and play games of chance to secure space on the new earth.  Depending upon the collateral damage caused by the remains of Saturn, who knows how bad Earth I will end up.

The gerrymandering begins...on Titan... Earth II.  Tons of natural resources await... the grand plan of the illuminati has finally arrived... it is now... the turn of the tide... (wink)

Day 60:  Alas, the meteors have begun to strike.  Depending upon the earths rotation, one side of the planet will consume most of it, as the other side endures a slow roll, into hell, slowly revolving either toward the mayhem, or away.
With Project Lucifer one year away my friends, I can only hope the didn't pack enough Pluto into Cassini.  July, 2015... 7+2+0+1+5 =15=1+5=6, or 7x2+0+1+5=8)=56, or 11.  There is a bit of conflict as to when the exact termination date... realistically the can do this whenever the want.  If you check the cassini website, the state the next visit is Titan,,, and that is ion 30 days, so perhaps they are conducting one last lap???
We have one year... it is fun to think about how much more progressive this planet will be with two suns... sure perhaps Lucifer will not be as bright as the Sun, but to have 24 hours of sunlight... let's just say those solar stocks would be a good investment!
I am trying to end this on a positive note, and the only way to do that is to point out that the Illuminati do not have any interest in our interests, they will seek the advancement of the 1%, so let's stand up and fight them, for if Project Lucifer is realized... we will no longer be here... and most certainly will not be on the next ship to Titan.
Love ya,
-The Webmaster G

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