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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally - a great casting call - from these idiots who actually think they are talented... and special- when in reality- they are just puppets (from hell!)

OK Check this out- finally, we have what only comes around once every five years or so...

An admirable, perfect casting call and execution.  Hmmm... let's think about a few of the great ones from the recent past.  Can't say enough about Captain Vidal, the villian in Pan's Labyrynth, played by Sergi L. Ayatz.  Sergi was a no name, unproven prospect, but he is now one of the greatest bloodthirsty villains in cinema history.  He was cast - and it was a perfect cast.  Others include the obvious, Ledger as the Joker, Bridges as Crazy Heart, and Rourke as The Wrestler.  Also, going back to Dennis Lehane's "Mystic River," Sean Penn was a great cast as Jimmy Markum.
So here we are, now, just imagine if your job is to be a Casting Director.  Now, wake up.  This is such a BS job, because all it is, is a position given to someone who has no talent, just a good contact.  If you can pick up the phone... speak english, write an e-mail, you are over-qualified.  They are hand selected by the studios.  Now, you will find that they have an acronym after their name... this is done to yield a smoke-screen, to pretend that the job is difficult , and requires skills.  This of course, is a really pathetic fucking joke.

SO, C.S.A. is the ticker, standing for Cock Sucking Assface.  or Casting Society of America.
Another piece of news I think you will appreciate is - and when I say actors I mean actresses , too.  When roles are available, the script is distrubuted and all actors WITHIN THAT AGE RANGE of the character, protaganist, or villain, recieves a copy of the script (if they are lucky).  So, on any given day, and this happens often, five actors want the same role.  For example, Ledger turned down Stone's Alexander, so Colin farrel was pciedk since he was the second choice.  Ledger was alos picked #1 for the cop in "Crash" (where Matt Dillon was robbed of a best supporting actor nod), but he passed, so #2 was Ryan Phillippe.  For the age range I discuss here, these guys are all going at it in competition for any available role.  Phillipe, Gylenhaal, Gosling, etc. are all in competition and want "the part."  Guys like Wahlberg, who is producing now ( meaning he has enough cash flow to finance what he want to do) are not incloved in the race, because they control thier destiny.  This occurs with the middle aged actors as well.  Nick cage wanted to be Rand The Ram Robinson, but Arranofsky ( who could shock the world- and take the Globe for best director (black swan), although he is well connected, and should win easily... at the Oscars, not the globes.  So it is sort of a very competitive atmosphere in hollywood.

Anyways, let's get on to the good news.

Here, we have an outstanding selection.  With Depp ( who, by the way, picked up a pair of Golden Globe nominations for best actor in "Alice in Wonderland"(supporting) and in "The Tourist." deciding to come back to oneo fht emost profitable film franchises ever, there was a need to bring in some heavy hitters ... some pirates.  Enter Black Beard.. who will take over for Davey jones, and be the lead villain in the new Pirate flick ( note: this one is filmed off of Hawaii's shores, not in the Carribean like the prior three).  So, who do you call... who CAN play black beard?  Dozens of actors received the script, and they wanted the part.  But none of them came in for a screen test, or a audition... there was only one man in Hollywood, or , on the outskirts of hollywood , who could play Black Beard.  The call was made, and Ian McShane poicked up the phone.

This is such greta news, McShane is an incredible presence as an actor.  He, like aranofsky, who copies Kubrick, brings realism to film.  Without realism,,,  film is not ... real. Joim morrison said "the misperceptions of realuity are most eleoquently expressed in film," and I know I have shoveled this crap around before, but, it is nioce, every now and then to get some really , real stuff,

I lookk forward to this film.

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