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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Batman III - Hard Rumor

It appears that CatWoman will be cast as the next villian sensation for Batman Part Tres.
The thinking here is that casting a female will distract fans and audiences from the Heath Ledger Joker Saga... unfortunately it will be for the benefit of the film.  Bale wants it - it places the bulk of the spotlight on him.  Knowing Nolan, he will toss in a third tier villain to give Batman his full.
Regardless, they will insert a female into the lead villain rolse as "CatWoman" and then there will be a full TWO year gap until the hype can re-build in anticipation of a new male villain to take hold... in the form of either The Penguin... or The Riddler.
I am hoping J.Gordon Levitt does not get cast - as he is a wanna be looking to benefit from Heath Ledger's demise.
The best choice for The Riddler would be:

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