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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eastwood's "Hereafter" - yet again... ANOTHER RIP-OFF OF... YEP, YOU GUESSED IT...

Well, you guessed it folks.  The Gajonka is back ...  Eastwood is back ... the yawn is back... AND SO IS ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD TITLE THAT'S UNDERLYING PREMISE IS A RIP-OFF OF WALKEN;S CHARACTER IN "THE DEAD ZONE" A GREAT BOOK BY STEPHEN KING.

The ability to predict the future simply by coming into contact with a person.  The list is endless.  There's even a bloody TV show on it (medium) meaning... it's bad... real bad.

Final Destination- ripped off from The Dead Zone
On and on and on.

So here we go - when will it end?
Eastwood ( who directed Mr. Safe - Matt Damon
A'hem, anyway, so Easty and Damy are back together again, why?  Who the hell knows.  But this is certain, they have spent the last year working on a film project that is a rip-off of The Dead Zone. 

So fucking pathetic.

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