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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Background:  Universal Pictures has and owns the exclusive RIGHTS to the old monster movie main characters.  So, what results is that Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Mummy - these monsters and the exact appearance of them - are the EXCLUSIVE PROPRTY of Universal Pictures.  No other studio: indy, foreign or hwood, can make a film about these monsters, or even have them in their films.  Proof of Point:  Remember Mary Shelly's Frankenstein?  With Robert DeNiro, look it up on wiki-film, and you will find that Universla Pictures was the studio.  "Frankenstein Unbound" one of the best unknown films of the 90;s, a cult classic of GFU, is also Universal.
Important exceptions to the rule include Andy Warhol's JR-X rated films which have the monsyers and the name but the key is "the APPEARANCE" of the se monsters.  Another great example, is Fred Dekker, (HOUSE) whose greatest ( and only) worthy film is another fave of GFU:  "The Monster Squad."  Dekker contacted Universal Pictures - they said no - "you cannot use our monsters in your film."  So Dekker, with the utmost respect created the monsters - but with an important kicker - as long as they do not LOOK LIKE the original monsters.  As long as Frankenstein is not GREEN, as Long as The WOLFMAN does not look like THE WOLFMAN.

So, finally, we have a UNIVERSAL PICTURES release -0 long fucking overdue - of THE WOLFMAN.  However, it is worth the wait and they fucking didi a  great job on delivery---- and thew only reason why it was delivered right is because of the cast.

Benny De Toro- #3 ranked Actor of 2008 (behind Rourke, Penn) for his role in Che.
A beautiful female - I do not know her name, and will not look it up because I will get jealous if it says who she is dating.
Anthony Hopkins:  One of the greatest actors to have ever lived - top 5.
Hugo Weaving:  i hate for him in stealing Frank Welker role as Megatron, but whatevers.

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