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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alien, Demon Faces Scattered in Every Scene of "The Immortals"

The Immortals is the KING of Alien Subliminal films.  Granted, every film Hollywood makes has them... but The Immortals takes the grand prize for scariest use of them.

The above pic (taken from the upper right hand corner of a baseball card produced for the children's market) is an example of the alien face subliminals that scatter every film ever made.  My girlfriend, Rebecca "Becky" Twist has created a blog where she will include clips (inlcuding times, and everything the industry doesnt want you to have.  I am using Gajonka's Blog because he has already been attacked and framed, so he thought I could use his outlet since they already tried to set up a blog called "the end is near" so he could be labeled as non-conforming.  This is what is done with third party candidates, too.  Whenever you vote for a
rogue candidate" as they call them internally, they put you on a list for non-conformity. They save the files containign the list o names, and pt it away untol they need it.,

Let's look at a ew films wherere alien aces are hhidden:
you musgt use the zoom and pause buttons aon your dvd remote
AI:  look at the forest scenes, the beatles are there, and many alien aces
MOney Never Sleeps- WS II: in the end, the camera pans to the sky, and you see a guy in a couc smioking a pipe.

immortals -- every single scene.
the doors: opening scene whhere jim morrison is hitchhiking, in the backgorund there are two alien faces.

Imaginaorium:  Scene where reptile comes out of river - big alien face in backgounr.

Look for Becky's Blog:  Hollywood Busts Aliens.

Enjoy... i hope you are mad.

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