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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kesha Illuminati Chick - Album Cover

So here vve are - the illuminati gained more pleasure from ditching their Dec 21 plans.  Instead, they brainvvashed a loser named adam lanza, vvho dressed like a looooser!!!

So they give him instruction to go to a 4th grade class - since they vvant a 5th age.

Novv, lets look at Kesha;s album cover.  I have been banned from posting nevv pics because of fear.  So I applud the measure.

Please have a look at kessha;s album cover.  save it, zoom in.  see at 12 midnigt, about 3 cm's dvvn there is a profile of a devil.

I figured out that they makle a deal it vv/ these girls - like kessa and katie perry - they give em riting credits - so it appears as if dey are talented and did da riting on da songs - but  as seenvv/ kessa - as kessavvrote "THEY MADE ME DO IOT" on die ypoung - i love that song - a GREAT song!!!! avvesome bass - love it.  but nvv vve knovv da trut

sorry my keyboard is broken.

more to come.  be safe - they are dirty,

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